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French Cameroun- Ambazonia war inflicts huge economic casualties on French Cameroun.



Ambazonian war inflicts huge economic casualties on French Cameroun.

By Mbah Godlove

French Cameroun’s National Institude of statistics (NIS) says inflation is inevitable as long as the Abazonian war of independence is not resolved.

The information, revealed on Tuesday December 3 by the NIS, outlined that the on going armed conflict which is approaching it’s fourth year has badly battereed the economy. According to the information, Ambazonian’s northern zones headquarters, Bamenda and Buea are already witnessing a high rate of inflation. Food stuffs, shoes cloths and transport fare are amongst some of the most expecsive iterms and services. Abazonian activists, among them Mark Bareta have expressly called for more action to render the Colonial regime of French Cameroun economically handicaped.

The la Republique du Cameroun’s National Institude of statistics intimated in its report that numerous Ghost town opperations and lockdowns imposed by Abazonian leaders is playing a pivotal role in paralyzing economic activities. The economic experts opined that the inflation will soon extend all over French Cameroun if the ongoing conflict continues to deteriorate.
Mean time, Ambazonian Leaders have promised to renew their determination in order to completely weaken the Biya regime economically if it does not withdraw its troops from their territory.

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