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Danger awaits new Lebialem SDO



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Danger awaits new Lebialem SDO

By Mbah Godlove

A new colonial Senior Divisional Officer(SDO) recently appointed in Lebialem County of the Southern Zone of Ambazonia has prayed for God’s guidance as he moves to work in an area highly under Ambazonian control.

Contrary to information circulated on social media that Mungambo Ekema William had turned down his appointment, the slave boy has rather celebrated his new office despite being aware of the danger that awaits him in Lebialem

Lebialem County has for over two years been controlled by the dreaded General Field Marchall of the Red Dragons with other LGAs now led by other fighting forces such as the Tigers and General Ayeke of Wabane

Weeks ago, the Red Dragons in what was described as a deadly mission ambushed the convoy of former Lebialem SDO. Field Marshall, announced in a televised audio message on social media that he was not sure if the colonial SDO could sustain the deadly attack from his soldiers, the SDO survived the ambushed. Meantime he has promised hell for any LRC administrator or Soldier who steps foot on Lebialem, calling them corpses.

Many commentators are worried how the regime who claimed to have accord the region special status could immediately engaged in appointing administrators against the wishes of the people.

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