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State of Emergency Looms Over Southern Cameroons As La Republique Remilitarises Southern Cameroons









Developing Story : Imminent State of Emergency Looms over Southern Cameroons as the battle for the Restoration of her Statehood enters decisive Stage-

The embattled President of La Republique du Cameroun Mr.Paul Biya has order the re-militarization of Southern Cameroons territory as a last resort to quell the revolution after all measure put forth by the regime failed to yield the desire result. This information was published on the post weekender newspaper of Friday 11th August published on the news stand one day earlier. Biya hopes that the militarization will force the resumption of school, normalized the struggle, arrest foot soldiers and creates panic to elongate his stay and enable him hold water down elections next year.This too will be fiercely resisted ! Effective ghost towns and complete school boycotts beginning August 21st without any exception has been published by the Consortium.

Information reaching BaretaNews says troops have been deployed in Kumba and Kumbo in a manner never seen before. Buea, Limbe and Bamenda are perpetually under military and police patrol espcially at the univeristy of Buea and Bamenda.The purported Bafut airport now serves as a defacto military camp. Meanwhile a military ship remains anchored in Victoria Limbe and more troops send to mamfe and Bamenda constitute acts of aggression and amounts to evil desire by La Republique to kille the winning struggle gearing towards Independence. In actual fact Southern Cameroons is already living in an undeclared state of emergency.

A few Anglophones slaves elites working for the colonial master have had a series of security meetings in Yaounde to come up with counter strategies to force the resumption of schools,kill ghost towns as a direct consequence militarization was immediately adopted according to a source who attended the said meeting because, it was clear to the regime that all measure put forth to sabotage the winning struggle have been defeated by Southern Cameroonians.

It is therefore clear that Southern Cameroons is already in an undeclared state of emergency.In actual fact a state of emergency looms over Ambazonia ! Let us state that the militarization of our territory will not stop the restoration of our statehood,suing the church and clergy to force open schools will continued to fail. The Continuous abductions and detention will never deter our Independence nor stop the struggle and we shall have our Independence in record time God willing.

The Consortium has called on Southern Cameroonians home to stock their houses as effective ghost town starts on the 21st August.

BaretaNews with contributions from Ashu Kingsley, Manyu County.

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