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Southern Cameroons One Week After Independence Declaration








8th October, 2017: Southern Cameroons Today: Must Read

Today makes exactly one week after the declaration of restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence. Today makes one week since when our people went out in thousands to march, sing and dance to celebrate their independence. Today makes one week of ongoing genocide in Southern Cameroons. Today, what do we still see.

1. More than 300 Southern Cameroonians are known to have died since October 1st. Buea alone saw the greatest with bullets firing from the military helicopters
2. Corpses are fished out daily in Buea, Bamenda.
3. Hundreds of our people are in the hospitals with heavy gun wounds. Some may not walk again
4. Homes are constantly being broken into, Denizens brutalised, rub in mud and abducted.
5. Southern Cameroonians are virtually living in fear
6. Majority of our youth now sleep in the bushes
7. Jails in Buea now overflows and crowded.
8. More than 2000 southern Cameroonians have been abducted since September 22nd and stocked in jails in Yaoundé, Bafoussam, Buea, Mamfe, Bamenda etc.
9. Most of our girls have been raped.
10. Mamfe is completely locked down
11. Satellites dishes are being destroyed
12. People’s properties are destroyed daily.
13. Internet shutdown in Southern Cameroons

All these 13 actions and more are carried out by the military of Paul Biya.

Why are they doing all these?

1. To kill the revolution to stop our people to rise again. September 22nd and 1st October made them to understand the language fully that we want out.
2. To incapacitate our youthful population
3. To put a dredge between home and diaspora.
4. To instil fear and show their authority

What will be their outcome? The people are resolute. The constant harassment, killings and abductions only increase the people resolve to fight more and more. The revolution cannot be broken. For one thing, most calls coming from home has one cry: Give us weapons and so shall their dreams may come true if we are not careful.

What can our people home continue to do?

1. As a result of no internet, our people must film and take photos of all atrocities being committed, safe them to expose in due time
2. The schools shutdown and Mondays Ghost Towns must continue
3. The non payment of taxes, 500 to police or gendarmes or respecting orders from colonial administrators must continue
4. Communities must form their vigilantes group and be ready for self defense empowerment.
5. Communities should visit hospitals in Buea, Muyuka, Ekona, Kumbo, Bamenda, Mamfe, Tombel, Nguty, Bangem etc to help out all those wounded.
6. They must remember never to forget the carnage from 1st October and ongoing and keep on being resolute for we can’t turn back now.
7. Be your neighbour keepers and be watchful for any francophone in your community.

Church leaders and civil society actors

1. Pray like you have never prayed before
2. All must speak the truth not political truth
3. Visit hospitals across and see the horrible situation yourself then you can know what language to use
4. Visit detention cells and see the situation then you can know what language to use.
5. Speak the truth and say the right numbers killed. Say the truth and point to the fact that corpses are being discovered in Buea daily
6. Condemn heavily Government actions. Use your power and contact international bodies also. Say the words to them as it is: Genocide.
7. Push for preconditions for dialogue to be met.
8. Call out the government directly to stop the carnage on our land.
9. Visit hospitals and detention cells to offer food, medicines etc

The Diaspora, what can we do?

1. Deep your hands in your pocket and fund self defence now than never before. Each community should raise self defence funds and contact the governing council
2. Rise up and support communities back home financially especially those in hospitals. Do that in groups and contact hospitals to reach out
3. Weekly protest in embassies and UN to call the world attention to the genocide in Southern Cameroons
4. Write and call foreign media on the plight in Southern Cameroons.
5. Call friends and people in your community to encourage them and lift up their spirits
6. Group yourselves and liaise with groups in your community in a covert operation to hurt the occupier
7. Invoke your village and community to use traditional means now more than before e.g. The Bakossi community is good at this.

Defense groups

1. They must come together in unity in a show of love for motherland to carry on joint operations so as to hurt the occupier. Time to raise a Southern Cameroons army is now. It must not be a conventional army but you know this field better than some of us. Go for it.

Bloggers and social media actors

1. Verify any photo or video before sharing. For every fake image shared, we give foreign bodies to doubts true genuine pictures twice. Be very vigilant before sharing photos. Verify again and again.
2. The only objective must be to protect the Struggle. Kill any story which weakens spirits and takes us backwards.
3. Contact leaders behind, get their own sides before carrying a story. We glorify La Republique twice and give the enemy a voice when we continue watching our dirty dresses in public.
4. Sell the story positively. Pick only the positive sides of each newspaper, document, post to tell the story of our struggle.
5. Know which information to share. Always ask : How does this help the struggle ahead? Does it promote the occupier or not? Of course that does not mean objective criticism should be killed but mind always the use of language, headlines, captioned etc.
6. Motivate and encourage the people more in your post, live videos etc. Now is the time.

The Governing Council

1. Must as a matter of fact invest and take self defense, I mean active defense as the top priority. Foster the unity between defense groups
2. Social and Relief department must be swift in reaching out to bereaved families and those wounded.
3. Heavily step up and activate all contacts Diplomatically to show that genocide is ongoing
4. Get a division to document all videos and pictures of these attrocities
5. Prepare and submit applications for admission into other bodies in the world.
6. Look East and middle eastern countries for help and empowerment. Make deals and bomb the hell out of La Republique.
7. Empower communication department to do more in terms of communication. Short 5-6 minutes videos, posts, daily updates are important.
8. Identify bloggers and social media actors to help spread your message.
9. Invest and sponsor weekly sending of bulk messages with particular information ( twice a week). Remember satellite dishes are off and with no internet, information to our people are not really going.
10. GC members must remain focus and put Nations first. The people want to see leadership and not dirty politics.

Above all: Let us never forget how far we have come. Let us never forget the carnage on our people. Let us never forget the reasons we started this struggle. Let us continue to do what we must do until a genuine dialogue is called based on the root causes ( how this two Cameroons came about) after all the preconditions must have been met such as unconditionally releasing all from October 2016 till date.

The souls of hundreds of our people are still crying and weeping. Those of us lucky to be alive have as a duty to finish the job despite the carnage ongoing in our land.

Happy Sunday

Mark Bareta

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