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Biya Lacks Understanding on Federalism- Fru Ndi



The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has expressed disappointment over the end of year speech of the Head of State, reacting immediately after the speech was delivered on a Douala based popular radio, John Fru NDi said “I am very disappointed with the Head of States speech, because when people are angry on certain issues and instead of solving the issues he says people are manipulating the teachers and the lawyers.

I mean all these are claims, which political party is manipulating them? If the youths , the students all go on the streets, it is because their teachers are not well treated ,if the teachers are in classrooms the children too will be in classrooms and so we expect Mr Biya to resolve this and not say that there is some manipulation which is taking place, I’m very disappointed with that.”

Ni John Fru NdI said Paul Biya does not understand the meaning of Federation, if not he wouldn’t have talked about Cameroon being united, because no one is trying to divide the country, “Who has told him that we want to divide Cameroon? When we talk of federation we are not talking of division, he should learn to understand that Nigeria is a federated country, America is, Germany is and there are so many countries that are federated. So when he starts saying that the people are myopic and being manipulated it does not speak well of him.”

On the ad hoc committees created to examine problems raised by lawyers and teachers, Ni John said, “How many structures has he been announcing in the past? Today he is talking about the Memvele dam which has been the case for 22 years now, he said other road networks will be looked into and he just avoided calling the ring road which he said he will personally supervise it and when these things are not done he cannot tell the people. The President was supposed to be magnanimous to say on teachers’ situation please do this, on lawyers situation do this, he did not give any solution.

John Fru NDI also frowned on the fact that Paul Biya said nothing about University of Buea Students who were beaten by Police; he said “He did not say anything about students or youths that were killed, yet they keep saying that these are leaders of tomorrow.”


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