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Letter to Yaounde: Do not be Proud- Senior Journalist




Dear Yaounde,

we hear you are celebrating and clinking glasses that you did it; that you were so smart in your military strategy that you succeeded in scaring us from demonstrating. do not be deceived. we will demonstrate and if you go to sleep because of today, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

if we didn’t come out in our numbers this January 2, it’s because our people received confusing signals from the teachers and lawyers on the one hand and some of our brethren abroad.

it is not the people who have run out of steam. you have to bother about the momentum in our people and there is nothing you can do to keep it at bay.

our struggle has all the trappings of a revolution, all the ingredients for a lasting resistance till victory is won:

1.) the cause is genuine
2.) our people feel the pain and can take it no more
3.) our people are sufficiently sensitized and mobilized. social media has given a big boost; our people receive signals in their little handsets, traditional media cannot keep them in the dark anymore
4.) the international community is informed on the instant as the oppressor perpetrates abuses
5.) it’ only a matter of time before the biblical walls of jericho come crumbling for our people to walk to freedom

With some better organization in our leadership and sincerity in decision-making, you will hear from us again at the appointed time.

There is “no shaking” as far as the people are concerned. not even shaky leadership can kill the spirit and the flame.

Dear yaounde, never be fooled that you can penetrate or lure any so-called leadership to mislead our people and derail our cause. if you pocket any so-called leader, you will own them but our people shall always remain focussed.

it’s a people’s revolution. individuals who dare to derail out of selfish interests or naive miscalculations shall be exposed and pushed aside while the people stride on to their promised land.

Dear yaounde, we shall return!

Franklin Sone Bayern

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