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Midnight Betrayal: Senators Adopted Penal Code Bill



Cameroons Senior Journalist Solomon Amabo has called on Cameroonians to call their Senators and shame them. He declared that as Cameroonians were at sleep, Senators Nicodemusly adopted the controversial penal code. It is now being sent to the President for promulgation into law. Attached in this article are the names of your senator, know them and shame them. Solomon Amabo wrote:



Dear all, the Cameroonian Senators (100) of them, last night, June 28 ( they could only do it at night when we were sleeping) adopted the controversial, and vexatious penal code.

Lawyers said no, marched in Bamenda and Kumba, yet these enemies of our republic adopted the penal code. And ate and drank.
I ask again, how many of them read the entire document? Some spend their time chewing kolanuts in parliament.

They own all the houses and mini cites so would be ready to jail anyone who does not pay them their rents. Would they find out why you were unable to pay? No! They win all the contracts and continue to enrich themselves and their families.

Some like Nfon Mukete is board chair of Camtel ( he has salary or allowances for that) at the same time eats a fat allowance as senator, for adopting the penal code.

Another like our ‘friend’ Mbella Moki Charles is senator, (with allowance) he too adopted the code of course, and at the same time is one of the Vice Presidents of Fecafoot ( with a salary of course and other benefits)


Those are just examples I know and verifiable by all Cameroonians. Nothing personal. So those two people cannot surrender one of those positions? say I resign and let another person take over? When would the others be given a chance.?

Feel free to give your own examples of Senators you know. Don’t dwell much on mine! Give your own examples!

We are waiting for President Biya to act wisely and send that code back to parliament and to lawyers for debate. He should avoid a situation where this code “will take his head and go.” Nnom Ngii, Listen to the voice of reason. listen to your people! In that way, you would do justice to your people and abandon these Senators and make then know that you are serious

Cameroonians are suffering and tired of all of those who and their families have been there and not willing to give others a chance.
When it would explode soon, do not say you were not advised.

It’s a Disgrace. Big one.

I take this opportunity to attach the names of all the senators who have again betrayed Cameroonians. Please pick up your phone, call, email, fax and tell them what you think. It is your right. We better die telling them what we think than stay quiet. We elected them and they are answerable to us, the Cameroonians people.

Kudos to all lawyers who did us Proud.! We need more of such protests so that they would have no way to be enjoying those their ill-gotten wealth while the majority of our people continue to suffer.

BaretaNews Statement:

Mr. Biya must not promulgate the adopted bill into Law. Mr. Biya must rise up against these sycophants in the National Assembly and show the Cameroons people that for once he can stand with them. Mr. Biya should show the Cameroons people that he listens to them and there is, therefore, the need for this bill to be sent back to Parliament. Lawyers, Civil society, and the Cameroonian people have been protesting calling on the Government to withdraw this law. The voice of the people is the voice of God, Mr. Biya should listen to the people because the promulgation of this bill to law will cause more anarchy than it sets to create order


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