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Tassang Wilfred Addresses West Cameroon- Full Transcript



TASSANG WILFRED Addresses the Southern Cameroonians.

My dear people, Dear brothers and sisters of Anglophone Cameroon, West Cameroon if you wish.

It is a singular pleasure for us to talk to you people today, singular because we feel that we are greatly honored by the assignment that our God has given us- To seek justice, equity and for fairness for our children. We want on behalf of our brothers who are in detention and those on them who are on the run to thank the entire Anglophone community for at last standing up to say enough is enough. We want to appreciate our brothers, comrades, trade union leaders who are out there with the community and want to tell them that God will strengthen them, that they should not be afraid. We like to tell our people that we have decided to sacrifice our lives for this course and that nothing will stop us until we cross the victory line.

We are not a rebel group. We are intellectuals. Intellectuals don’t go out to destroy, to kill… we work to bring life, to bring harmony. Whatever we have seen as destruction during this campaign, has been as a result of more than 50 years of subjugation, and so somewhere somehow the vent had to split open and we want to appeal to our people to keep their ears on the ground, to open their eyes because the oppressor is not going to give up just tomorrow, but our steadfastness, our commitment, our love even for the oppressor will see us through. We want to thank our brothers and compatriots in the diaspora who have given their all. We want to appeal to our community to continue to listen to them.

We want to particularly appreciate Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta for coming onboard timely to accept the assignment the consortium gave them whilst we were aware that the worst was coming. The consortium, Mark, and Ivo will be given instructions from those of us who are on the ground and underground and they will pass them to you people. We want to pray that in everything we do, we should show no violence. Violence is not in our culture. Our parents did not get independence through fighting wars. They got it through negotiations, frank discussions and we shall get justice through the same route. We want to appeal that for no reason in the world that should the Ghost towns that were scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays collapse.

We must continue every Monday, every Tuesday whether we receive further communication on this issue or not until we cross the victory line. We want to appeal to the parents, parents of our children to know that the struggle that we waged for decent education was not for teachers, because teachers are already educated. The struggle for decent and quality education is for the children, your children, our children and therefore don’t allow anybody to deceive you. We pray you to keep the children home. Keep them home until when we shall say “send them to school” This struggle must continue in a pacific way and the only way to have peaceful resistance to solve this problem is not to take to the streets, it is for our people to continue to listen to the leadership that God has given in this struggle and we the leaders, we have decided that nonviolence is the way. But because we are faced with a system that would want to provoke the people, we have decided that we would not even take to the street until we are sure that the oppressor will not spill blood.

Therefore, we are appealing that our next plan of action as the consortium has already indicated, is a TOTAL BOYCOTT of the 11 OF FEB 2017 activities. Since we have decided to adopt a TWO STATE FEDERATION, 11 Feb becomes a FRAUD and we cannot celebrate a day that some of our compatriots think that it is the day that we were ANNEXED. To them, 11 Feb is the date that we officially became slaves in this country. Therefore, to continue to celebrate it is to continue to accept slavehood. But we must stand up and throw off this Yoke of slavery and servitude. This struggle will continue until the government accepts dialogue on the form of the state until the government accepts to dialogue on the two state federation as an option, we must continue. God bless you as you fast and pray, victory is not far away. Amen.

Transcribed by MC
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