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The Political GCE: The More Reason Why Schools MUST NOT RESUME



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The Political GCE: The More Reason Why Schools MUST NOT RESUME

While we know that the political GCE was written in Southern Cameroons under military conditions. While we know that the Political GCE was written in Southern Cameroons by untaught students. While we know that the Political GCE practicals for science students were taken by students without any practical lessons. While we know that the Political GCE was written under conditions even UNESCO cannot approve. While we know that the Political GCE was written in concentrated camps and not the usual centres. While we know that over 90 percent of Southern Cameroonians boycotted this exam. While we know that the position of the government was not to show they love the education of our people, but to score Cheap political points to proof that they are still in control of Southern Cameroons. While we know that the Political GCE was marked by some unscrupulous teachers under military conditions . While we know that the GCE ordinary level paper one was marked by hired workers ( students, call box attendants, unemployed etc) at the secretariat and not authorised teachers as a result of the bad machines. While we know that these certificates will be recognised in La Republique only and NEVER shall it be recognised in Southern Cameroons and abroad. While we know that the released results is just another distraction. While we are confident that school will not resume.

Based on the above it is incumbent for us to make certain points known as a matter of fact that issues like this we cannot miss out to issue a statement; we took notice of the following:

1. In the past, late Zachary Nkwo in his charming voice over the radio and other journalists announcing the GCE release will always say “The results of the general certificate of education have been released. The results were released this morning in Buea by the registrar of the Cameroon GCE board”…

2. Today, the following words are missing (a) Released in Buea (b) By the Registrar

3. The results today have been released by the Minister of Cameroun Secondary Education and NOT the Registrar nor in Buea.

4. By virtue of (2) above, it is clear that the GCE Board has finally been nationalised and Yaounde is in charge. The release claim the results will be at the ministry website not the GCE Board. The Registrar has been under pressure to release. See point 5 below.

5. It is the first time that the advanced level has been released without the ordinary level. This is so because (a) The Registrar came under pressure. Yaoundé needed it so badly to change the narrative. (b) Ordinary level not ready because paper one is still being marked by hired workers who are students, call box workers etc and most importantly some cooking is still ongoing to doctor the numbers a little more. The release of the Advance level today was meant to please Yaoundé and nothing more. The Registrar had hesitated but he has no power. Yaoundé rules.

6. The Political GCE itself and the whole process forms part of the fall outs of the “Anglophone Problem” and another huge reason why school must not resume.

7. It is needless to analyse the already very worst results of the Advance level. Even Francophones and Camerounese who had a full year could not perform better. Sad.

8. The release of the political results failed to bring the usual anxiety, joy and fulfilment. Buea is cold like a cemetery plaqued with uncertainty what the future holds. Indeed the people are fade up with the system. It is time to opt out.

In all the GCE has since been desecrated.

9. The Southern Cameroons Struggle will continue as it has been. The Political GCE must be treated as one of those distractions.

We therefore await the following:

– The full taking over of the Cameroun Embassy hostage in U.K. by Sunday in an all for one protest. The protest must go on whether the embassy cancels or not
– The Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Educational Board to finally give a clear directive on our education.
– Ghost Towns next week suspended to resume Monday 21st with Active Resistance.

That said, the struggle is on course. Freedom is never cheap. It comes with consequences. We pay it in one way or the other. The diaspora is advised to take more Cameroun embassy hostage, burn more of that useless La Republique flag and yes, self defense we must. No time for crying babies.

Mark Bareta.

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