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The Debate: What Happens to SCACUF after the Interim PM Election?



Southern Cameroonians are asking what will happen to SCACUF after the election of an Interim PM? Who will be the mouthpiece of Southern Cameroons? SCACUF SG or Interim PM? Will SCACUF dissolve? Mr.Nchia Martin Achou attempts an answer in the opposite why he thinks SCACUF should just transform to an interim government. Amongst others he wrote:

1. The naming of a prime minister just like the declaration of Independence comes with certain preconditions. One of them is the securing of diplomatic protection from a friendly government. If anyone is declared PM and resident in a country la Republique are in its right to demand the eviction of that person. we have not yet prepared the ground.
Declaration of Independence would be just another empty declaration if we do not have a territory to hold and defend. On far I, have not seen any effort in that regard.

2. Secondly We have just put in place a leadership with a Secretary General who answers to a Leadership Council. This means we have a management mechanism in place. The blind declaration of a PM who will form his cabinet would be potentially the First Dictatorship we have installed with no accountability mechanism. What Morisc is selling is an individual who decides on his own without consultation and is not answerable to anybody.

3. We are a revolutionary movement with a Secretary General in place and who is answerable to a Leadership Council. The Leadership Council is fashioned along the Chinese Model where decision making is by consultation and robust debates..not one person going cowboy. In principle the is our PM and can be disciplined by the Council. Why do we need another PM?

4. SG is our PM and the organs are our ministries. Creation of a PM and other ministries would develop two centres of power. Each dragging in their own direction. This has the potential for conflict and the crumbling of our unity. The major difference between the structures we have now is that there is scope for greater participation for more of our people. Each organ has many people who could be anywhere in the world. Somehow everyone feels ownership of the process. It gives great opportunity to women and youth. Once you put a “government” in the classic sense you sit with 6-7 people taking all decisions and answerable to no one.

The instant result is people would back away leaving a white elephant with no resources. Talking about resources we already have a Secretariat with 6 paid positions. A government would be another 10 people expecting to be taken care of with no financial plan in place. The prime minister is a position that requires elaborate resources if not given by a friendly government. have we thought about that?

5. There is serious apprehension by the gross majority of our people to the idea of about that prime minister but I think we cannot go that route now.

6. We presently have a very fragile relationship between the movements of SCACUF. it is an art in self-keeping them together. Going the voting route has the potential to fracture this union. It will take a while to cement the relationship. Leaders are still learning to work together. Electing one leader over the others risks capsizing the boat. We do not want to rock this with an ambitious project that has little logic especially when we consider that we already have a prime minister. All you need to do is to take away the name SG and put PM and you got the same difference. The role of the SG now is to make sure to manage this relationship.

Consequently, we are open to the idea of the prime minister but only in good time. Secondly, We do not need to go into any kind of voting. All we do is convert SCACUF office from an SG to a PM and the organs into ministries. Otherwise, we lose the ground support.

Nchia Martin

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