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Terror in Bangolan: Fon Chafah Blacklisted For Assassination.



Terror is again taking hold in Bangolan village, Ngoketunjia Division . This came following the assassination of Pa Tata Forkeng. He was attacked in his home and murdered in cold blood. He was forced to consume fuel and later stabbed several times to death. The assassination BaretaNews learned is linked to the chieftaincy crisis rocking the village after Fon Chafah reportedly gave himself to Jesus Christ and burnt down traditional artifacts. Recalled that Bangolan chieftaincy crisis erupted in mid-February 2016 when irate villagers attempted to overthrow the traditional ruler, Fon Chafah Isaac XI. Information has leaked that Fon Chafah and 19 others have been targeted for assassination following the killing of Pa Tata.


The attacks which occurred on Friday, August 12, targeted indigenes loyal to Fon Chafah by the irate villagers.The perpetrators burnt down several houses belonging to individuals believed to be loyal to Fon Chafah.


Some suspects have since been arrested. They are helping the gendarmes in their investigations. Reports indicate there is a heavy presence of Gendarmes in Bangolan since the attack took place.


Bangolan chieftaincy crisis that was believed to have been laid to rest in June, following a decision by the Ndop court of First Instance to free the 62 palace coup plotters, resurfaced some time same month after news went round that the impostor Fon Mbipefah Salim, had collapsed and died a few minutes later in Foumban- Cameroon journal reported.


God is still saying something.


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