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Southern Cameroonians Cannot be fools at 56



We can’t be fools at 56

There is need for us to stay focus. You must have heard of the creation of common law department at ENAM and the supposed creation of Faculty of Law at UB with other reforms within the justice system as announced by Minister Laurent Esso, Cameroun Justice Minister on Thursday 30th March, 2017. While the regime keeps trying to cajole us, they still incarcerate our leaders and people. They still shut our people from communication.

We refuse to sacrifice our people in jail for cosmetic decrees formed enacting departments and faculties here and there. These actions cannot be sustainable in this present state or form of the so-called union. Southern Cameroonians want nothing else but the restoration of their lost state.

Those departments and institutions created would still be occupied by Francophones. It would be hijacked by them as they did in UB medical school which caused the violent protest. It would be hijacked as ENSET kumba has been hijacked. It would be hijacked as ENSET Bambili and all institutions created for the Anglophones have been in the past. Anglophones will have no political power to ensure the strict Anglo-Saxon system of these institutions. Anglophones will have no political say over it. They will have the power to appoint and sack at will. They will infiltrate their very corrupt nature into those institutions.

These are the reasons why our leaders were saying before their arrest that only a change in the political system can guarantee the educational and legal systems of Southern Cameroons. La Republique is not doing these changes now because they love it. They are doing it as a cosmetic means to end the strike and keep us under bondage.

Oh no Southern Cameroonians have come of age. We must reject this move, sustain this struggle for real change and restoration.
Mark Bareta
From Bui County Southern Cameroons
God is still saying something.

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