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 Ndedi Eyango a Cameroon ace US-base artist,  has categorically declared that he will never perform in any SDF event even if he is paid millionsEyango made the vow recently in an exclusive interview he granted The Guardian Post in Houston, Texas.

“I can never perform at an SDF ceremony, no matter how many millions they would want to offer me. I don’t share or believe in the SDF doctrine or philosophy. On the contrary, I can perform at any CPDM ceremony free of charge and even later surrender any money offered me at the concert for the running of CPDM party affairs,” Eyango, who is Honorary Adviser of the CPDM-USA Section, said without mincing words.

When asked about his relationship with Cameroon’s presidential couple and if he is the guardian of Brenda Biya, President Biya’s daughter, in the US, Eyango answered: “I am sorry to disappoint you and your readers because I have no answer for that question. There are some things that I do not like to talk about publicly because I have the right to my private life.”However, Eyango described Cameroon’s First Lady, Chantal Biya, as a woman coming from a humble background.

According to Ndedi Eyango , Chantal Biya’s humbleness reflects in all her actions, especially in the domain of charity. He claims Chantal Biya is a good example for people to see that one does not have to be the child of a minister to be where she is.

BaretaNews thinks that musicians should stay off politics especially when they need all Cameroonians to support them. Showing support to one politically party openly is a bad business strategy which could anger a sector of their fans. It is normal for musicians to have political affiliations but I think they should leave that during voting. However, this will not be true in western democracies, people do not really care whom you support but go for your music. BaretaNews is not sure if same will be true in the Cameroons especially the manner in which the statement was said.

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  1. Tonain P.n.

    June 18, 2016 at 12:45 AM

    Eyongo is more of a nincompoop.
    He has nothing to offer in the Cameroon’s political scenery apart from ”’boot-licking”’ with the CPDM and vomiting the type of trash that has just reflected him.

  2. shiyntum emile

    June 19, 2016 at 6:49 AM

    Everybody has an opinion,stop focusing on one selfish fellow and encourage Cameroonians to register and vote out of power this merciless Government,its only by massive voting that we can clear away this old ,
    aunconstructive and nonsense Government

  3. Fon Emmanuel

    July 31, 2016 at 7:20 PM

    Public appearances by musicians these days in Cameroon are not even signs of allegiance. Let him find out what happened to Lapiro. Its demeaning to my person to start quarreling with his decision because it absolutely makes no sense. Musicians who supported the SDF back in the days did so because they were convinced with the SDF political stance. Some did not and went on with their music business. Nothing changed. He is even a musical light weight so far as Cameroon is concerned. After coming out with You Must Calculer, the next song was a bit popular only because of You Must Calculer success, and subsequent songs were just going only downhill till today. He can never meet up to the Late Bebe Manga, Tala Andre Marie, Sam Fan Thomas, Rachel Tchoungui, Ngale Jojo, Longue longue, – just to name a few – and even Petit Pays, whose songs I don’t particularly like but is a very popular musician in Cameroon all the same. So who does he think he is in Cameroon music not to talk of Cameroon politics. The SDF is a force to reckon with in Cameroon politics and most importantly the party is not involved in show business.

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