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Panick In the Presidency: Cameroun PM Dion Ngute Face With 100 Million Scandal



Dion Ngute
Reports claim that some members of the commission for the repatriation of refugees are under investigation for failing to account for money close to 100 million received since the end of the major national dialogue
Three years after the end of the major national dialogue, efforts to end the Ambazonian conflict are getting even more complex and complicated. Besides the uncertainty around such efforts, are also reports of massive embezzlement and misappropriation of funds by various Committees.
The Committee in charge of the repatriation of refugees from Nigeria is the latest committee to come under administrative scrutiny. Members of the committee were grilled at the just-ended evaluation meeting held by Dion Ngute to make an assessment of the implementation of resolutions arrived at the end of the major national dialogue.
During the assessment, it was revealed that the committee was among the most heavily funded committees tasked with the repatriation of refugees within a given timeframe. Three years on, the public has been waiting with baited breathe with the prospect of refugees returning back home becoming more unlikely.
One of the committee members revealed that efforts to repatriate refugees were becoming more and more complicated as they had been barred by UN officials from visiting refugee settlements without official clearance from the organization. Besides, it was also noted some Nigeria-based agents working with the committee to convince refugees to return home, had escaped with huge sums of money meant for the mission.
All these revelations came at a time when there was already a great of division and controversy among members of the various committees with some progressive and realist minds expressing skepticism if such efforts could end the conflict. Some Committee members even went as far as touting the idea for the holding of another major national dialogue.
As a response, reports say the Yaounde regime has opened investigation to track the activities and and record of some committee members.
Some observers say regime is playing into the hands of Ambazonians.
Jeniffer DK.

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