Southern Cameroons To Slave MPs – You Don’t Represent Us






The population of Southern Cameroons (SC) have resounded their stances in the representation of the state in the parliament of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC).In a strong worded message, denizens of Southern Cameroons told the slave Members of Parliament (MPs) serving in the National Assembly and Senate of LRC to either quit all associations with LRC or desist themselves from representing the people.

Camerounese Parliament opens this November 13, 2017

Descending voices from Southern and Northern Zones of Southern voices re-echoed their stance on the heels of the commencement of Cameroun’s November parliamentary session. The last parliamentary session for the year 2017, is traditionally dedicated to the deliberation and adoption of the budget of the preceding year. However, activities that have animated Cameroun lately, may have a strong extension of the parliamentary session to the voting and adoption of unprecedented bills.

According to denizens of Southern Cameroons, their representatives to Camerounese parliament, were supposed to long have resigned. However, given the headiness of some of them, the people are now resolute to tell the slave workers of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), that they are on their own.

“We have longed vomited our representative. Lebialem has got no dealings with LRC. So whoever poses themselves as our representative, is doing so at their own risk. We told Bernard Foju to resign; he did so on September 22, but later fled to Yaounde and re-imposed himself as our MP. I believe you can still remember what we did to him and his representatives recently in Menji. That is how we shall act on any imposter trying to befool the world that we have a representative in LRC,” expounded Ndumesang Asong Richard, a member of the Southern Cameroons Traditional Council based in Lebang.

Others told their parliamentarians through letter, open talk and protest march.

“I wrote to Gladys Etombi, who poses as an MP for Limbe and Muyuka. In my letter, I told her to resign because the people no longer want any representative in Yaounde. I also indicated that if she ever used her consciences to believe that the people voted for her in that position, then it is time for her to face God and man and do the right thing. We of Southern Cameroons want all stings with LRC cut off, at least for now. We need to build our legislation in the strictest Anglo-Saxon format, before reuniting with LRC in diplomatic ties,” Mola Efande Lucas indicated.

Meantime, the population of Jakiri last weekend marched up to the premises of Hon Wirba Joseph, to remind him of their intension for him to step down as an MP in LRC parliament. Hon Wirba told them that he shall resign if the people who put him there, have asked him to step down.

It should be noted that some MPs have already made their open declaration, resigning from LRC parliament. This parliamentary session is strategic for the people of Southern Cameroons, not because of its usual machinated activities, it is important for the people to know those MPs of Southern Cameroons who are still dragging their feet to resign. Subsequent measures on how to pressure them do so, shall proceed after identifying them.

CPDM should be outlawed in SC by any practical means thereof, including the use of force; because it’s through this evil and corrupt political party, that the evil regime of LRC is able to channel and enforce its policies and illegal activities in SC. If SC hates LRC, there’s no reason to continue to keep and nature the political party of the evil and enemy regime of Mr. Biya. If the Biya regime and governance is so hated and no longer wanted in SC, then the CPDM party should be outlawed and cease to exist in all Anglophone territory.

La Republique du Cameroun does not have much leverage on the merits of this political crises as a matter of fact, and they know it; except military threats and current illegal occupation of Southern Cameroon as has always been. This unholy alliance and illegal occupation of SC by LRC can suddenly come to an end once the MPs resign from that foreign parliament.

In the current struggle, the lingering question has always been, what are Anglophone lawmakers or MPs still doing in the LRC House of Parliament? They had their own House of Parliament and House of Chiefs. They abandoned it many years ago and joined LRC House of Parliament. If they want to leave, they are free to do so without further permission or any dialogue with Biya. The troubling situation is that, SC MPs have already been assimilated and consumed by the rotten culture of corruption in LRC; greed and politics of the stomach, which presents a serious roadblock to a smooth and successful transition towards the restoration and sovereignty and of SC statehood.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

Otto Ama


  1. George

    November 14, 2017 at 12:30 PM

    Those Ambazonian MPs still in that fake parliament don’t represent any constituent. They habe not understood what it means to be a MP. Therefore we need to ignore them. They are Non-persons for us.

  2. Malis

    November 14, 2017 at 3:10 PM

    We don’t need to even care about them, they are exactly where they belong. A disgrace on earth. I’m so happy we came this far without them.

    I am personally please and in peace that non of them are my parents and that I did not come for such a demonic bloodline. If that was the case I would have probably committed suicide. Satan is alive among us. What ever they do, with all their money they are cures because of the blood, suffering of our people.

    This is what we call retardation, mental illness, soullessness, inferiority complex, slavery, … all for so called educated elite. We should be happy they are over there.

    When they are death and gone just as all the money in their banks, Ambazonians already have their nation in their hands, forever shall we live in peace.

  3. ndolloz

    November 14, 2017 at 5:31 PM

    only one or two of these MP is a patriotic SCs,the rest are colonial puppet,shoe shiner slaves who are there for power, position and status, they are as powerless as their dumb PM brother serving colonial french clown biya,their own financial embezzlement gains,when one look at the slum infrastructure of their own counties, one wonders if these people are educated enough to hold positions only awarded for politicians with vision,aspiration, pride to make a different to their counties and communities, for 56 years all these SCs MPs are slave losers, who dress in their fake traditional dresses while they live alongside slums, poverty, their people lacking in basic human necessities,they are slave beggars,running to their master biya in yaounde for pittance bribes to maintain dictatorship, oppression, regression and censorship, if these idiots do not resign the people must act as they are sidelining with lrc, marginalisation,killings, brutality and suppression of the people, no one must trust them this time, their true colour have been exposed, they are SCs black legs traitors.passing information of abductions,youths disappearances and militarisation, they have no power only shameful eys and hands for taking bribes

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