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Boh Herbert Screams: La Republique is Killing its Forces











*Boh Herbert Questions the Veracity of Ayaba Cho’s Claims of ADF Attacks on LRC forces*

In a Scotland Yard like investigative analysis, the Spokesman of the Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC), Comrade Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert, has claimed that the colonial regime in Yaoundé is orchestrating the killing of its own security forces in Ambazonia in order to play the victim before the international community; thereby tagging the revolutionary movement of Southern Cameroons a terrorist organization. Unfortunately, the ADF according to Comrade Boh, is abetting this evil machinations of the colonial government by coming out on international media to claim responsibility of the attacks.

This in depth analysis comes as a different twist to the narrative of the ADF and their Commander in Chief, Comrade Cho Ayaba, that they already have armed men on ground zero who are determined and combat ready to hurt and forced out the occupier forces from Ambaland. From the critico-analytic questions posed by the MoRISC Spokesman relating to the attacks, the Ambazonian public therefore appears stranded as to who is saying the truth between Comrade Cho Ayaba and Comrade Boh Herbert.

Whoever is saying the truth and whatever is happening on ground, this doesn’t change the fact that at this juncture, Ambazonia has the right to self-defense. All we can say at BaretaNews is that the colonial regime is heavily confused and panic stricken. Whatever is done or not done, and whoever does what or fail to do what in order to promote or kill this movement, one thing is certain: everything will work and is working out for our good and the good of the revolution. We can only report them as they come in, in the spirit of a truly Democratic Ambazonia.

Below is a full version of Comrade Boh Herbert’s investigative analysis.

Question: Is Yaounde Killing its Own?
By Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

Our people have a way of getting to the bottom of things. To be a good judge, they say, be weary of people (like Issa Tchiroma of 6 April 1986 fame) who speak a lot, saying nothing. Questions, they say in Kom, have a way of answering questions. How about we answer the many questions we all have since the killings in Bamenda by asking – what else? – questions?

1. Why were Jakiri residents who saw the flames blazing from their high school and rushed towards the scene in order to help put the fire out met with tear gas? Who fires tear gas at Good Samaritan firefighters?

2. Who would fire tear gas? Who thinks it was fired by those masked men who are alleged to have killed the gendarme officer? Who thinks the tear gas did not come from government forces? Who else has tear gas in all of Jakiri? Sounds familiar? Remember residents of Buea teargassed as they rushed to help victims of the ghastly road accident by a military truck? Is it possible that someone did not want Jakiri residents to find out something? Would it be far fetched to conclude that what needed to be hidden was the murder of a gendarme officer?

3. If the first gendarme killed in Bamenda fell near Bafut, why were so many gunshots reported as fired from Up-station Bamenda? What were the troops at Upstation firing at? Are security officials suggesting that the so-called masked men also attacked the military camp at Up-station? Are they claiming that a few masked men hit the heart of the military complex in all of the Northern Zone and got away without a single one of them being injured or killed? Is that how unprofessional the colonial army is?

4. If the target of the so-called masked men were gendarme officers, what is the explanation for the shooting dead of the young mother who fell at Up-station Bamenda? Have you noticed how the government has treated her death as if her life did not matter? Sounds familiar? Could it be possible that the gendarme reportedly killed near Bafut was, in fact, murdered at Up-station and then his remains were taken to and dumped at the checkpoint near Bafut? Would that checkpoint not be very close to the Bamenda Airport, now converted into a major air force base with heavy troop presence at all times?

5. If the gendarme killed at Bayelle was standing guard all alone at the school, per the official account provided by the colonial regime… and, if the gendarme in question was killed in a hit-and-run attack in the dead of night while he was alone, why did so many residents of Mile 2 Nkwen and Foncha Street Junction report so many gunshots fired from that location at the time death is reported to have occurred? Was it because the gendarme was not dead yet and their colleague wanted to make sure he was completely gone to the world beyond? Were the many gunshots because the gendarmes met the masked men still at he scene of the crime and were shooting to kill them? How did the gendarmes know that their colleague, killed alone at the school, was dead in order to respond within minutes? What could have stopped the gendarmes from killing their colleague themselves given that they, alone, knew that he was standing guard alone at that school?

6. If the ADF did the killings, per the unverified claim that was floated by that organization, how come did the ADF get the number of gendarmes killed in Bamenda wrong? Why would they claim three killed when there were really two dead? If the ADF picked the equivalent of soft targets, isolated and away from the key military complex, why would the masked men have attacked Up-station Bamenda, the heart of the de facto military government of the Northern Zone, or the surroundings of the heavily guarded airport, the evacuation point for deportations from Bamenda?

7. If, indeed, the ADF planned and carried out the killings, how come they did not know that the gendarme who died in the Southern Zone (Mamfe) drowned while out swimming? Why did the ADF statement claim that their operatives had immobilized (read “killed”) four colonial officers in the Southern Zone? Why make the claim whereas none was killed, except that the ADF was just guesstimating?

8. If the ADF carried out the attack, who still believes that the ADF would have returned the weapon they seized from and used to kill the gendarme in Jakiri? Would the ADF return what is an important asset for it going forward given their unverified claim of attacking the occupation forces wherever they may be in Ambazonia? Would the ADF not keep the weapon for future operations? Why would they hand it over? If they are the kind of organizations that turns over their murder weapons, why did they not turn over the weapons used for the killings near Bafut and Bayelle?

9. How can anyone believe that the government is not the one killing its own when government officials held a meeting behind closed doors in Yaounde and agreed precisely to do just that with the intention (now achieved) of using the killings to blame the Restoration movements and name them terrorist organizations?

10. Only one question seems to have a definite answer. After slaughtering 122 Ambazonians and “disappearing” at least 150 others, the colonial regime showed zero remorse. It is now clear that the reason is that Ambazonians failed to give the colonialists the deaths they so desperately needed.. Yaounde has been begging for deaths among its security forces in order to play the victim, name the restoration movement terrorist and begin mobilizing for a War of National Unity. Yaounde truly needed deaths from among the ranks of its security forces to counter the slamming the regime suffered this week during the hearing before the UNHCR in Geneva. Yaounde needed these deaths to try to justify the planned issuance of those stupid international arrest warrants.

Ouf! Before I go, just one last question… Did I mention that the Biya regime is no amateur st this? Who has forgotten the assassination of the Bishop of Bafia and that suicide note from the victim in which the victim is supposed to not even know how to spell his own name? What is to stop a regime that assassinates a bishop of the all powerful Catholic Church and leaves a “je suis dans l’eau” fake suicide note from killing their own helpless gendarmes? Anyone aiding and abetting this colonial regime knows they can be next. Remember the student burnt to death in his hostel room st the University of Yaounde in order to blame the Students’ Parliament? Remember the killing of Tita Fomukong in 1992 in order to blame the opposition SDF?

Boy-o-boy! Questions, world without end, right?


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