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Federal High Court Nigeria Orders Nigeria Government To Cause The Return Of Extradited Ambazonia Leaders From Cameroun To Nigeria



Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe

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Nigeria Federal High Court has ruled that the Nera12 fundamental rights were violated. The court stated that they should be rehabilitated and compensated with the sum of 5milion Naira each. The second case concerning all 57 deportees should all be returned to Nigeria and compensated 200k Naira each.

Barr Abdul Oroh representing the leaders as lead lawyer has applied for certified copies of the ruling.

It should be recalled that on January, 5th 2018 Southern Cameroons Leaders were abducted at Nera Hotel Nigeria by unknown gunmen. They were later illegally extradited to Cameroun against the principle of none refoulement

This ruling means that the Nigeria government has been ordered by the high court to bring all Southern Cameroons leaders and people back to Nigeria. It is still to be seen if the Nigeria Government will implement the court decision

There are huge euphoria on the social media space both home and abroad. Southern Cameroonians are happy that at least there is judicial independence in Nigeria. They are hoping Nigeria government will follow through this court decision.

Mark Bareta

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