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Abdul Karim Writes From Jail, Revitalises Worried Ambazonians



Abdul Karim Writes From Jail, Revitalises Worried Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonian Ground Zero doughty activists, Abdul Karim addresses Southern Cameroonians in a handwritten letter from SED, and states that their being in Ambaland is neither by their choice nor the country’s decision to host them, but it is an architect from the Almighty God.

“Dear Southern Cameroonians, we did not choose to be Southern Cameroonians. Southern Cameroons did not choose to host us.
God created us to be in that land and that land for us to sojourned in,” Abdul firmly avowed in his letter.

The self-sacrificing Ambazonian also unequivocally emphasized on the importance of the role of law for all Southern Cameroons’ citizenry who have been engulfed by the atrocities of the bloodthirsty regime of President Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun.

“Justice for that land and her children is primordial. This is a course I have dedicated my life for. Our people must get justice,” the author cried out.

“If God wills if it means dying for it, may he accept our dedication,” he added.

Friday, October 25th letter coincided with Abdul Karim’s one-month-long imprisonment at SED in the colonial country’s capital, Yaounde.

Just as Honorable Wirba Joseph of the Jakiri constituency of Kumbo LGA had denied in 2016 that the colonial regime cannot at the same time beat an Ambazonian and throw him a fleshless bone; when they are crying, the charismatic Muslim scholar reportedly turned down food offer from the untrustworthy silent killer regime for quite a long now.

He says he can only confidently consume food brought by his relatives and lawyers.

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