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BN Editorial: Positive Opportunism, Profitable Concept When Applied Appropriately



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

BN Editorial

Opportunism: Profitable Concept When Applied Appropriately

By Mbah Godlove

In conflict situations such as the Ambazonia war of independence, some key actors believed to be architects of the revolution more or less turn to use the conflict to satisfy personal interest rather than the masses. This is negative opportunism.

This write-up is inspired by the fact that front line leaders of the Ambazonian struggle need to exploit the recent disgrace that befell French Cameroun as a sine qua non to enjoy positive opportunism.

It is no doubt that the Ngarmbuh massacre has placed the colonial regime on a scale of weakness at the global stage. On the contrary, the flag of Ambazonia has been uplifted to more International glory.

It is the stance of BaretaNews that all Ambazonian activists who before now have been divided by one factor or the other should for once see the need to drop all the disuniting factors and seek the concept of positive opportunism which would cause the enemy to descend into the abyss.

Positive opportunism, if fully implemented at this phase of the revolution, BaretaNews is certain that it will serve as a prerequisite for the long-awaited negotiated settlement thereby ending the war.

We dare to challenge you all to seek positive opportunism, and we will dance on the streets of Buea not long from now.

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