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Mancho Bibixy in Court Shouted: Southern Cameroons will have independence



Mancho Bibixy defies Etoudi, shouted Southern Cameroons will have independence.

I write this with tears running down my cheek. Mancho BBC has shown determination and courage both in and out of the dungeon. Reports indicate that our Hero Mancho on his way to the police van after the court , turned around to the crowd and shouted ” Southern Cameroons will have independence”

Mancho even in the lions den sends the message to Etoudi and tells Yaounde that Southern Cameroons will restore its independence. He is the leader of the coffin revolution which has symbolise this struggle. In fact, he represents the youth in this struggle in a special way. Yes, he stands for the liberation of Southern Cameroons and he does not regret this.

I would therefore exceptionally without going through the normal process of requesting views from this audience before naming ghost towns to name Monday 12th June, 2017 as the ” Mancho Bibixy Ghost Towns” . We shall on this day and through out the week honour Mancho and his bravery. We shall invoke his spirit to consume us all with the spirit of determination and courage to liberate homeland and defy La Republique. Mancho ideology should sink into us.

As such on Monday June 12, the Mancho Bibixy ghost towns shall be exceptionally ghosted. It shall be papa and Mami water ghost towns. Mobilisation begins today through text messages, flyers and posters.

We should send waves to all taxi drivers and violators of the ghost towns that the coffin revolution is coming on Monday June 12 in the form of Ghost towns and violators shall be visited.

Monday June 12th, the political written GCE will begin. Please those few students in Southern Cameroons should just stay home. Parents must keep their children home. All GCE candidates in boarding school must go home this weekend. The ghost shall spare none.

Share this as wide as possible.

Mark Bareta
Bui and Manyu Counties
Southern Cameroons.

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