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La Republique du Cameroon is not Ready for Frank and Inclusive Dialogue; Ambazonia must now take the lead.









La Republique du Cameroon is not Ready for Frank and Inclusive Dialogue; Ambazonia must now take the lead.

One year into the Southern Cameroons crisis, the consistent calls for a frank, inclusive and constructive dialogue by Southern Cameroonians and the international community seem to have fallen on deaf ears, as the occupier’s own understanding of dialogue remains far from reality . The colonizer seems to understand the possible outcome of such a dialogue and is therefore not ready for it. In other words, La Republique du Cameroon has consistently maintain that the form of their state is none negotiable and so are not ready for any dialogue with the Southern Cameroons where the international community is mediating. No wonder, they have cautiously maintain the application of their most loved, but failed strategies, which are repression, bribery and brute force.

Reacting to increasing diplomatic pressure from the international community and an impending intervention by the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the Security Council, the colonizer has recently began a charade dialogue, whereby the so-called Anglophone elites and hungry regime barons have been have been sent to appease the maimed and harried, peaceful innocent citizens of Ambazonia.

The fact that they call these shameful moves “constructive dialogue” is proof to the fact that La Republique du Cameroon still does not see Southern Cameroonians as equals with whom they can sit face to face on a dialogue table. Haven’t declared the Restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons, backed by relevant international legislations, notably the UN chatter and UN Resolution 1608, isn’t it time for the Southern Cameroons leadership to force La Republique du Cameroon to the dialogue table?

Dr. David Makongo, a Southern Cameroons international negotiator has propagated this position when he recently argued that;

“Southern Cameroons must not wait anymore for the Biya regime to call for dialogue because they will call the wrong people and bribe the wrong people. So, it is time is now for Southern Cameroons leaders to answer the numerous calls for dialogue by International bodies like the U.N, USA, UK, EU.

It is therefore, strategically important for Southern Cameroons to build a team of negotiators, define the terms for dialogue with the Biya regime and officially communicate same to the U.N., USA, AU, EU as potential third parties.

As a sovereign and separate nation from LRC, Southern Cameroons must first answer present each time the international community comes calling with a rare window of opportunity before that window could ever close! The call for dialogue is one we can’t afford to let the regime take the lead in disrupting. We must take the lead in directing it to our final destination.

A Southern Cameroons sovereign state is a lost but found birth right we must fight for with pride and wisdom if we must reclaim and enjoy it.”

The recommendations of Dr. David Makongo above are worth exploiting on the basis that;

La Republique cannot afford to be humiliated on a true dialogue table. They have seen the hand writing on the wall and are now playing the card of time. They believe that by delaying constructive dialogue which include third parties, they may be able to restore some level of stability in Ambaland and consequently a gradual return to the status quo. After all, the form of the state according to them is nonnegotiable.

Southern Cameroons must not allow this to happen. La Republique, from every indication has ran out of ideas on what to do next. With the advantage of the law and the international support at our disposal, It is time to take the enemy from all fronts. Added to the ongoing diplomatic offensive and self-defense measures being put in place, it is time to force the colonizer to the dialogue table. Our revolutionary strategists must consider the feasible of Dr. Makongo’s proposal. As an international negotiator, we believe his proposition is expert based and so shouldn’t be ignored. After all, this is the people’s revolution and every constructive idea towards its success immensely counts.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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