Belgian Citizen In Cameroun Detention: Belgian Embassy In Yaounde Failing To Act






“It is absolutely shocking that the Belgian Embassy in Yaoundé Cameroon has abandoned their citizen to suffer in the jails of L.R.C. Ever since the Belgian named NGYAH DASI ALFRED was arrested in Mbengwi for allegedly and falsely accused of being in possession of war weapons and tons of explosives, the Belgian representative to Cameroon has never visited him since August of this year 2017. This gentleman is a father of four children and also a grandfather with three grandchildren. Mr. NGYAH DASI ALFRED is also a cardiac patient and what makes the situation even more troubling is the fact that Mr. DASI’S wife in Belgium sent his medication since September of this year through DHL and addressed it to the Belgian Embassy in Yaoundé.


Alfred Ndasi


The package containing the said medication has been dully received by the embassy but all attempts to retrieve the medication have proved futile. His lawyer has been to the Embassy for the same medication but has not succeeded in collecting the drugs despite the deteriorating health of his client. One wonders if the Belgian Diplomatic mission in Yaoundé really cares about their citizens out of Belgium. One would imagine that despite the accusations against this gentleman, the Belgian Embassy would have at least given his medication which at the time of this publication is still in the Belgian Embassy, even if they don’t want to visit their citizen in detention. Mr. DASI has lived in Belgium for 20 years and does not only have a regular job, but also own property in Belgium. The question is, for how long are the Belgians going to turn a blind eye to what is happening to their citizen?”
Hilda Dasi

The statement above has been issued by the spouse of the detained Belgo-(Southern) Cameroonian citizen Ngyah Dasi Alfred who under trumped up charges has been unlawfully detained in the gallows of the maximum security prison of Yaoundé, Cameroun.

In a statement issued via the Secretariat of the Southern Cameroons Belgium Associaton, Mrs. Hilda Dasi expressed concern and indignation given that the Belgian embassy officials in Yaoundé have demonstrated bad faith especially given that her husband is a cardiac patient and medication dispatched to him from Belgium has been detained at the embassy which despite several attempts to recover and transmit same to him have all proven futile.

Southern Cameroons Belgium’s General Secretary, Afu Eugene while examining the issue has said they (SCB) shall explore all avenues possible to cause the authorities concerned to react. He intimated that all media channels including BaretaNews which remains the People’s Platform shall undertake to see that public attention is drawn to the matter. These include writing to all media organs, using the hashtags, sending e-mails to every organ noted to have a say in the issue including the Belgium foreign office.

Afu Eugene
Momo County
For BaretaNews

Otto Ama


  1. Tyty

    November 10, 2017 at 4:39 PM


  2. Pompidou Mensah

    November 11, 2017 at 5:43 AM

    Please try to inform the people on what to do since you are one of the outlets where we communicate. You talk about hashtags and emails and never publish any emails, what a shame. Please every concerned Ambazonian should immediately register a complaint about NGYAH DASI ALFRED to

    http//www.unhchr.org/php/complaints.php. This is where so many of us reported nadine njoya for inciting genocide in Ambazonia on Facebook and other camerounese and got serious action. Bareta News, if you ever read my comments, I have told you to publish these addresses so people can readily access them and make complaints in real time. Go to the site yourself, it only takes a few minutes to launch a complaint. Please make CREDIBLE and VERIFIABLE ABUSES. No fake news. How can we help, do the Belgian Chapter have a Gofunde me site for this citizen and family? Let’s all step up.

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