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America is now in charge of steering the affairs of the United Nations Security Council. No matter how hard they try to cover up their atrocities with fraudulent invitations to the international community to give them money to rebuild Ambazonia, Cameroun will never succeed to convince, confuse or cover up it’s dysfunctional mess and the genocide they’re currently perpetuating in Ambazonia. Cameroun will never succeed to divert America’s attention from its territorial aggression characterized by gross human rights violations against the historic people of former British Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) CAN’T DECEIVE AMERICA!
How can any aggressor nation talk of rebuilding another nation it invaded without first declaring a cease fire and settling down to a peace treaty? On the other hand, how dare you shamelessly invite the international community to talk about rebuilding another nation which you invaded and destroyed and when you cannot even win the war and especially when you have refused to listen to the counsel of that same international community which cautions you to call for an ALL INCLUSIVE DIALOGUE that examines the root causes of the war?

How intelligent or powerful does France and Cameroun think they are for Cameroun to summon the diplomatic corps and beg for money while France answers the call to donate money to rebuild a nation still at war and illegal occupation?

Each time America steps on the international scene to hold LRC accountable for gross human rights violations, LRC rallies her international partners to confuse, slow down or divert America’s attention from pressing sweeping sanctions against them.

This is exactly what happened with the rushed mixed outing of the African Union, Commonwealth, Francophonie and CEMAC to pledge support to the Yaounde regime after America threatened to intervene in Cameroun.

This is not the first time the American people are observing these machinations. This has happened repeatedly ever since the war started. For example, when in March 2019 America was putting together an international coalition to resolve the ongoing conflict, France in connivance with LRC again threw the Swiss Talks on the table in what many observers qualified as a calculated attempt to stop America since America just came from applying military and economic sanctions against LRC.

Furthermore, when America showed serious support for the “SWISS TALKS” and kept pressing for an all inclusive national dialogue that examines the root cause of the war without preconditions, LRC again in her usual characteristic cunning manner, came up with the idea of a fake “GRAND NATIONAL DIALOGUE” that gave birth to an empty “SPECIAL STATUS” which has been modified over time depending on what criticisms people make of it. This is one of the most ridiculous inventions of LRC since this crises began. However, it died a natural death even before it got to the ears of the smart people and the never again generation of Ambazonia.

Given LRC’s track record of MANIPULATION with reckless and malicious intentions never to end the war until they attain victory but to divert America’s attention elsewhere, many keen observers have even qualified the most recent “LRC DELEGATION WHICH WAS DISPATCHED TO THE STATE DEPARTMENT” and last week’s ATTEMPT to BRING DOWN A CIVILIAN CAMAIRCO AIRCRAFT IN BAMENDA together with widespread rumours about SEIZING THE PASSPORTS OF PROMINENT BIYA REGIME BARONS as outright manipulation to swerve national and international public opinion that something is being done when the situation on the ground only degenerates.

These are all perceived as carefully calculated attempts by the Yaounde regime to force America either to slow down on applying sanctions against the collapsing regime or deliberate maneuvers to make America look the other way while the killing of innocent civilians in Ambazonia continues with impunity.

LRC continuous to commit all this crimes against humanity in the false belief that one day somehow LRC will win the war. America has advised them that they cannot win for the soul purpose of assimilating the people and conquer the Ambazonia territory even though there seems to be no victory in sight, they continue to abusively disregard wise counsel in pursuance of a diabolic adventure which has displaced millions, killed over 12000 citizens, sent over 70000 away as refugees in Nigeria alone while others die in the Mediterranean Sea and the Waters of Brazil and Mexico in an attempt to get to America for safety.

However, this bad behavior also bares bad news for the Biya regime: America cannot be confused or manipulated upon on the subject of Ambazonia war of independence. America is the most informed on the daily genocidal happenings and will intervene in this war when the time is ripe for it to do so and not because they believe in anything put out there to scam America and the international community.

During international crises like this one where crimes against humanity are being committed, America has established a track record of always standing with the oppressed people and never with their oppressors. And America is about to do just that in Cameroun if those who started this war, which has claimed the life of an American missionary, about 7000 Ambazonias fail to stop their killing spree in Ambazonia. (The next time l write about this, it will be about the intervention per se and not the intention to intervene. Mark my words).

And now to you the people of Ambazonia, you must keep your faith to be free alive. No one except you will win your freedom and independence. It is time for all the leaders and people of Ambazonia to stand up and speak out with one powerful voice in favor the restoration now.

You have almost completely defeated LRC by already taking back about 70% of your rightful lands along your internationally recognized territorial boundaries. You must therefore, come together and complete the job as soon as possible.

So many of our people have been killed and much more must not continue to lose their lives in this senseless war. So many of our people have been kidnapped and locked up in stinking jails and LRC detention facilities.

So many of our people have been raped, maimed, robbed and many others have seen their entire lives, homes and property completely destroyed by a vicious and malicious imperialist occupier.

All this cannot go in vain. Ambazonia must be free. This freedom and this territory which God gave us and also gave America both the duty and the power to protect for us, is ours to grab. Hence, America cannot be deterred or deceived by either France or LRC.

For those who still believe in a one and indivisible Cameroun whatever that means in law and history, I also want you to know that as Cameroun is on a steady state of decline and decomposition, if you do not take care now and jump out of the ship before time, you will also see yourself seriously decomposing along with it.

And for those who believe in their freedom and in their rights over an independent nation called Ambazonia, I want you to know equally that the liberation of Ambazonia will unlock everlasting opportunities not only for the people of Ambazonia but also for the people of the entire universe!!



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