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Letter From Ground Zero: Understanding The AGC





Opinion: A parent from Kumba writes to BaretaNews

Understanding the AGC

Ambazonians should recognise that despite their misgivings and suspicions, the AGC led by Cardinal Tumi and leaders of religious institutions in the former Southern Cameroons is playing an important role.

The AGC has called for a release of all persons arrested in the crisis. It specifies an amnesty for those sentenced like Mancho, Penn, etc and a dismissal of the case for those still in the kangaroo militia court of of the Yaounde concentration camp like Sisiku Ayuk, his cabinet and others. We have to recognise that to sit in Ground Zero and Ground One and call for a release of all detainees takes a high level of intellectual honesty. The AGC has done that.

A keen look at the AGC release suggests that they are protesting something the public is perhaps unaware of. Note how the AGC insists Cameroonians must lead their dialogue and negotiation BUT it welcomes the pressure and guarantees the international community brings. This reminds us that the initiative to free the Southern Cameroons is vested in the people themselves: no one can impose on the people, neither can they be sidelined. There’s a notion of democracy in this.

The AGC is a thorn in Mr Biya’s flesh and is proving a stumbling block to Yaounde’s propaganda of lies in daylight. Biya’s is fond of claiming that it’s a small bunch of individuals in the diaspora disturbing Cameroon. The existence of the AGC cancels those lies. By presenting itself as a peaceful forum for all Cameroonians of British Southern Cameroons extraction to discuss their history and crisis without hindrance or interference and find a way to end the suffering of their people, the AGC has proven to the whole world that Mr Biya is not interested in dialogue and remains the main promoter of the war. Note that almost every western government and International organisation has called on Biya to allow the AGC hold its conference.

As Biya continues to undermine internal campaigners for a peaceful resolution, he and his doomed regime has to understand that a time will soon come when gifts like the AGC will no longer be available.

As Ambazonians, we embrace different approaches and views in our spirit of democracy but we remain vigilant to guard the resolute march to independence and full sovereignty. The blood of heroes has not been spilled in vain.


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