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Biya’s Birthday: La Republique Presidency Suffers Repeated Blackouts



The metaphor behind persistent power blackouts on the celebration of Mr. Biya’s 84th Birthday.

BaretaNews got reports on the persistent power blackouts that occurred on Monday the 13th of February 2017, during the celebration of President Biya’s 84th birthday in Yaounde. It was reported that power was on and off which left the host and entire invitees embarrassed.

BaretaNews was hinted that the birthday celebration was attended by top personalities of the government. It should be recalled that Mr. Biya ascended President of the Republique of Cameroun since 1982. His 84th birthday celebration marks 34 years as President. The power blackouts incident raised eyebrows. While some onlookers see it as a normal phenomenon in Cameroun others looked at the situation logically through a metaphoric lense.

In so doing, they explained the incident in line with the plight of a common man who barely can afford electricity or even if he can afford, irregularities in power supply wouldn’t allow him to make effective use of it. In this regard, they see the power blackouts as a pound of flash to the Presidency.

It should be also noted that such rare and mysterious events have been happening of late in Yaounde. Does it imply the hands of God in the Southern Cameroons struggle? Some analyst questioned. Like the case of the Israelites, God’s hand indefinitely descending on the people of Southern Cameroons.

However, CRTV despite the power blackouts could cover the event. On air, they popularize how the event brought together young people who chanted birthday songs to the celebrant.

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