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General Ivo: 25 Casualities Will Officially Lead To A Conflict Stage







22 more terrorists left to be killed and we are good to move into a conflict stage. Not a pleasing news for some, but a tactical advantage for the winning struggle in general.

The current situation in Cameroon is a crisis and not a conflict. The Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) and Correlates of War (COW) are widely used databases to analyze conflicts.

While the UPPSALA codes a conflict from 25 battle deaths and above, COW codes from 1000 battle deaths and above, all happening within a year and on both sides.

Hence, considering that we have recorded hundreds of deaths on our side, and La Republique terrorists have recorded only three known battle deaths, we are still in a crisis and not in a conflict.

The UN would officially call the situation a conflict should the death toll climb to 25 on the part of La Republique. And when this happens, the UNSC could push forward a mandate that would permit the body to directly intervene to mediate all conflicting parties involved.

Note again that:

a) A crisis: Often classified when battle deaths on both sides are below 25 within a year.

b). A conflict: Often classified when battle deaths on both sides are below 999 within a year.

c). A war: Often classified when battle deaths are above 1000 within a year.


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