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Voice of America (Hausa service) reports that Boko Haram, Africa’s largest terrorist group, has set up an FM station broadcasting on 96.8 frequency.The report claimed that inhabitants of the Tolkomari village in the far north state of Cameroon confirmed they were able to tune into the channel. The villagers disclosed that the station is an open air where the revered terrorist group’s propaganda is freely challenging statements from authorities claiming that they are winning the war against the group.

Over the last year, the Nigerian military in conjunction with its counterparts from the Niger Republic, Cameroon, and Chad, have succeeded in regaining most of the territory Boko Haram hold. Now pushed into a small enclave in Borno State and the border regions of neighbouring countries, the terrorist sect can no longer operate as openly as it once did.

In response, it has launched a radio station to aid recruitment and propagate its message of a wholly Islamic state based on the principles of Sharia. According to the Voice of America (VOA), the station could be picked up by its Hausa service and residents in Tolkomari, in the far northern part of Cameroon have confirmed receiving broadcast messages when they tune into the frequency.

According to the VOA, the station has mainly been broadcasting propaganda material to counter media reports of victories by troops from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger Republic. Also, the VOA report said the Cameroonian government is worried by the new development and has commenced investigations towards locating the radio station, which is said to be on the Nigeria-Cameroun border.

This is a new development and something must be done as fast as possible to counter them

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