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Southern Cameroonians have been patriots in the Cameroons








Maybe I was not clearer enough. Let me reiterate again and again. The struggle has never been and will never be Francophones vs Anglophones. However, this does not stop us from calling what it should be as it should be said. Somethings are good to say, and I will say it again, our communities must be caution against Francophones. It is a caution and that must be taken seriously. This advise goes to Southern Cameroonians living in both Cameroons. The facts are too clean to be seen.

Facebook and social media gives us a direct reflection on what can happen on the ground. Social media though a virtual world is a direct reflection of what can happen on the ground. This is not new. We have seen it over and over.

When you visit most Francophone blogs and social media accounts and you read what they post. If you read the comments coming from them. You will ask yourself if these are persons we have been living for the past 56 years. Don’t tell me those are just comments. Those comments and posts reflect exactly their feeling and translate exactly on the ground. Those comments reflect exactly what Francophones in their majority think about us. This is the hard truth whether we like it or not. Of course they are very few Francophones who are modernised, they share our pain and are very with us. These are just few with a host of Bamilikes. After all, I do not consider Anglo Bamis as Francophones.

The hatred spurring from their posts, blogs etc. The sarcasm from friends who are also Francophones are something that one cannot contain but God will bear us witness that we (Anglophones, Southern Cameroonians) have always been patriots, show love and concern. The examples are countless. A few.

1. The Eseka incident: We rose up like one man to support victims, we cried against the regime. We changed our profile pictures. We showed love because all lives are sacred. I, Mark Bareta caused my community where I live to organise a prayer session at Presbyterian Church where we prayed for all Eseka victims. Yes, we offered mass and this community is 99.99 Anglos. The same was true across the world

2. When Monique was brutally killed as a result of a poor child birth in Douala, there was no Anglophone who never stood up. What did we not do? Diaspora organised protest, we cried and every one on Facebook showed concern, change profile pictures etc. We stood against such acts.

3. When Boko Haram continues to cause havoc. It is the same Anglophone community who organised masses, supported the efforts. In fact, the Northern zone community in Anglophone Cameroon contributed more money to help fight Boko Haram than most of the French regions. We have stood as one people to fight Boko Haram.

In our case, for one year now we have been fighting for freedom. What have we received from Francophone community, their TV, News papers, radios, citizens, journalists, politicians etc are only insults and all type of names. Did any of their entity visited our people in jail? None. They have called us all type of names, labels etc. Why?because we are asking for our freedom? They do not care what goes on with us.

The climax of the issue is that since 1st October, lives have been lost in hundreds. Each day corpses are seen. My people no matter what our people stood for. Each Live is sacred and only God should take. The Francophone community in both Cameroons no matter the fact that they hate separation should not be happy and tolerated what is happening on our land. Have we seen any Francophone politician or party even their church condemning what is currently going on? No instead it is still our politicians and church which is condemning? Have we seen their radios, news papers condemning the wanton killings, harassment, etc of our people? No they do not.

Instead what are they doing? They are laughing and praising their military for mercilessly killing our people. They are praising Tchiroma and Paul Biya as national heroes. They are calling for more killings and attack on our people. We see it in their TV, Newspapers, Facebook and social media.

I said for one year now, the Francophones have NOT shown solidarity. They have not in all spheres and will not. We are on our own.

So please when some of us call the Francophone community out, we mean what we say. They are busy in Southern Cameroons acting as snitches. Colonial administrators are using them. You need to see the looks on their faces. Oh lord spare us.

Look at Spain, while the Spanish police confronted catalonians who came out to vote during referendum, the other part of Spain, the spaniards who wanted a unified Spain, despite their differences came out in their thousands few days ago to protest against their government as a result of police using force which never even took any lifes. The spaniards despite being against Catalonians considered the actions of the government against Catalonians who are expressing their freedom to be wrong. The Spaniards stood yes for justice, dignity and human lifes.

What do we see in French Cameroun? We see the opposite. Have they for once come out against the massive killings of our people? The abductions, the harassment, the treatment etc.

Oh give us a break about Francophones this and that. Who do they think they are? The facts remain. We will not attack Francophones, it is never our call. It is not a Franco vs Anglo but we must call them out when it is necessary and on our own part warn our people about them and for our people to be cautious. Do you want me to say we are 100 percent different people with Francophones by gene, and even how we think, eat and sex?


Mark Bareta

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Southern Cameroons Political Activist



  1. pete

    October 8, 2017 at 7:07 PM

    It’s time tell your francophone friends to ask their people back home to stop the ongoing genocide or send victims images to them.

  2. Malis

    October 8, 2017 at 8:15 PM

    I’m waiting with joy when it will be their own turn, wait and see what is coming for them. I’m so happy these things are happening for our liberation is no more a question.

    These so called Francophone are going to suffer like hell, it’s coming.

  3. Rommy

    October 8, 2017 at 11:30 PM

    God is behind the scenes watching and when the blood of these mercilessly slain ed will speak out i hope those frogs will be able to keep up with.I thank the repoter for the updates though i cry each time i get to read them.

  4. Mukong

    October 9, 2017 at 12:04 AM

    Mark, let us hope that the naivety exhibited by some in our community towards those in LRC will be clarified by the events of October Ist 2017. Since I left Yaoundé in 1982, I had sworn never to go back there as a result of the intolerable entitlement attitude of even the most backward person from the Ewondo/Beti community.
    Each time I tried to decry this unfortunate behavior, it was most in our community that said some of us are overeating. But then, from time to time the ugly side of LRC will reveal itself to us through the killings and maltreatment of Southern Cameroonians yet some in our community will instead be apologetic in favour of the criminal regime in Yaoundé. I will only hope that Southern Cameroonians should see the events of October 1st 2017 as the straw that finally break the Camel’s back. No more sitting on the fence ; for Enough is Enough of this insanity.

  5. Atem Bakia

    October 9, 2017 at 3:43 AM

    Mark: Just soon after I told you good job in one post, you come up again with your stupidity!

    Mother fucker! Anglo Bamis are freaking francophones, you son o a bitch!

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North West Senior Slave Fon Teche Thanks Biya For Excellently Managing The Cameroons Conflict






The Chiefs in the good old days of West Cameroon were people of high repute. They were respected by their subjects because they were apolitical. The House of Chiefs was created therefore to an advisory instance of the other branches of the state of West Cameroon. The House of Chiefs was constitutionally NOT a partisan institution. Then came La Republique Du Cameroun- LRC. The Chiefs and Fons have been transformed into “Nchindas” of Biya. They spend their time writing and shouting motions of support, thanks, immortality, wishes, congratulations and prayers to Biya.

Like subjects in kingdoms like Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lesotho and many others, these so-called Fons and Chiefs always wish that their so-called FON of FONS lives and outlives the oldest person that ever lived. They even send Biya motions of immortality. They wish that Biya should live forever. He should be like the Almighty GodNo wonder Colonial administrators from LRC do not have any respect for Southern Cameroonian CHIEFS and FONS. These so-called traditional rulers have themselves to blame for their predicaments. They have sold their consciences to LRC in exchange for a few marginal and ephemeral favours. These so-called Custodians of the traditions of their ancestors were not even ashamed to desecrate the same traditions in order to please the Dictator in Etoudi.

The NW Fons shamelessly awarded the brutal Dictator, Paul Biya, the title of FON OF FONS.

The emeritus President of the North-West Fons, Teche, recently sent a motion of support to Biya thanking him for his excellent management of the Anglophone Problem. He even went further to beg Biya to take another seven years as President. However, this so-called Fon did not have the balls to remind Biya that innocent Southern Cameroonians have been kidnapped and taken to Kondengui. He did not have the courage to tell Biya to release the leaders of SC who are unjustly being held in prison awaiting trial because of trumped-up charges. He did not have the wisdom to tell Biya that the latter’s cosmetic solutions will never resolve the impasse.These so-called traditional rulers have been used by the Etoudi Junta to stifle the liberation struggle of their own people as championed by their youths.

Most, if not all, of these so-called traditional rulers, have shamelessly mortgaged their consciences to the Etoudi oligarchy by accepting membership of the CPDM crime syndicate. Most of them have now become members of Biya’s election rigging syndicate.
These so-called traditional rulers have refused to positively team up with their subjects for the improvement of the lot of Southern Cameroons and of their people, They prefer rather to stand in the way of their subjects by actively thwarting the latter’s efforts in exchange for a few marginal and ephemeral favours from LRC.

These so-called SC Chiefs and Fons are a disgrace to humanity. They should be ashamed of themselves. In my opinion, there is no moral justification for Southern Cameroonians to create a House of Chiefs for the present generation of Chiefs and Fons after we reach Buea. They do not deserve such an honour. They lack the moral authority to represent their people. It is legitimate therefore to consider the Chiefs and Fons of SC as ” les enemies dans la maison, les traites”. They always work against their own people in order to please Biya.

Daniel Kuper

BaretaNews Contributor

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Traditional Rulers: 21st Century Political Bandits






Traditional Rulers: 21st Century Political Bandits

Traditional Rulers and elites are still in self denial of what is actually taking place. They keep believing that what is happening is a tiny minority who want to cause destabilisation of their one and indivisible Cameroun. They still look up to Biya, begging audience with him, begging him to visit their region. These rulers who are supposed to be neutral having a high moral authority to speak on both sides have become the worst enemies of their people. They have become political agents, actors and promoters of the regime and in this light they have all lost the respect the people had for them. For some of them, they think the lives of civilian matters not and many can die. Their lives have become more important than the thousands the regime has massacred since 2016.

Pity to learn that these ones who called themselves South West Chiefs and South West Elites Association are begging for an audience with Biya and they are meeting on August 25 in Buea to talk and the theme of their meeting is how to ensure an end of the social-political crisis so that an enable environment for elections will hold. These bandits who call themselves chiefs and elites are not interested in stopping the senseless war. These are people that for once have not raised a voice against the massacre going on in their communities.

Every day at least 2 civilians are killed by the military, yet the numerous burning of villages, killings, these bandits in the name of chiefs have offered no word likewise their colleagues in the Northern zone. You can see all they are interested is elections-how to help Biya win so that they continue to reap from the regime at the expense of the people. Their move is only self interest because in no time, not even once have they shown sympathy or stand with their subjects. They failed.

The Chiefs are complaining that there is a deliberate attempt by some people to crumble the economy of the region as if those fighting in Bangem, Manyu, Lebialem, Meme, Mbonge, Fako etc are some strange people taken from space and transported to fight there. They are still in ‘wakalanda’ land thinking that what is happening in the region is being done by some strange people, whereas it is their very subjects, those they have lived with for years but these subjects have risen to say “NEVER AGAIN”

Today is Monday and Restoration Day (Ghost Towns) is 100 percent effective in all 13 counties from the Southern to the Northern zone. The chiefs are complaining that their region is being crumbled with ghost towns trying to regionalised the crisis- another failure. The conflict has enveloped all communities in the Southern Cameroons yet they do not see. Now we hear of mega South West and North West conferences, holding in Buea and Bamenda respectively in the weeks ahead sponsored by these chiefs/Fons and CPDM elites. Again, these nincompoops are in stark off reality with what is happening on the ground. Their interests are elections and nothing else.

The revolution is one of either we live free or die and let all Chiefs, Fons, so called elites be aware that the Never Again Generation are watching and if they think this generation will sit and watch them sold out then they really have been hypnotised by Biya and have no idea on what this generation can do.


Mark Bareta.

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Unity And Collaborative Conferences- The Canada And Washington Meeting







Unity And Collaborative Conferences- The Canada And Washington Meeting.
Fellow Ambazonians

We are at very delicate stage of our revolution. While self defense is paramount in bringing us to Buea, diplomacy and the support/Perception of the International community is paramount in sealing our journey to Buea. In fact, self defense is the activator of diplomacy and international help. That is why restoration days (Ghost Towns) and civil disobedience only CANNOT bring us Independence. It could only lead to minor changes in administrative issues which is far below our objective.

To get Independence, there are things we must do and I must confess, we are already doing all those things, but the one most single aspect we are yet to achieve is to get all Nationalists Movements and the IG finally collaborating to tell the world that these are people they can work with. To tell the world that we are serious in what we have. Our movements and leaders are bound to collaborate, they are condemned to collaborate and therefore we must help them so. There are many opportunities our movements and IG have lost because those that matter want to see a true unity platform. We are the ones delaying ourselves to Freedom.

As we delay our own moves, the enemy is now busy. La Republique has now engaged in a fierce communication campaign in the diaspora as well as buying lobbying firms. These firms are only interested in their money and clients and have no pity or sympathy for human rights abuses and what our people are going through. This is the moment we have to rally as a person for the last push to make sure we use all social media platforms to counteract everything they will say. We cannot go silent now.

There has been too much talk about the Canada and Washington conferences, all of which geared towards one objective- Unity and Collaboration. I already see some people trying to throw punches here and there. Fellow Ambazonians, what do we really want? Are we being aware that we are face up with La Republique, its allies, world power and now lobbyists are joining? We are on our own, but if we as a people succeeds in uniting, I bet you, no power out there shall be able to kill us. This is what the international community, especially those sympathetic to us and want to come in is asking from us- Unite and Collaborate. Yes, this is possible.

So my people, these leaders are talking behind the scenes. Let us whether activists, members of different movements, citizens and ‘surrogates’ allow these leaders to talk and bring forth a solution for our people. If these leaders really mean well for our people, they will damn all politics, interests game, talk and come to a compromise on what our people needs. Talking, collaboration is not ‘bonbon’. It takes tolerance, patience, effective communication, love for homeland to achieve. Even in our small activists forum, it has not been easy. What then amongst leaders? Yes, we can.

While doing this, we must also bear the truth that before the Interim Government called a Collaborative conference, which had been mentioned in one of Sako’s live Facebook shows, the 3C initiative has been on and we have had Sako, Ayaba on the records of this particular conference. In fact, I am aware that all movements and IG had sent representatives who were already talking about this 3C Conference in Canada discussing on how to make it work. I know how difficult it could be but it is possible.
I have had persons come on my platform and others to talk about this conference. Let’s allow these leaders to talk. Let’s allow them to find a workable plan for these conferences because the moment activists, citizens and others start making authoritative statements in favour of this or that, or throwing one under the bus, we risk loosing it all. Hear me now very well. No conference will succeed without either of the movements or IG less the purpose is defeated

Therefore, whether we like it or not, these leaders are condemned to collaborate. The IG or the groups cannot do it alone. Trust me, they cannot do it alone. Maybe our people have no idea, no idea why the international community is slow to support, especially those who sympathise with us. It is because they see the lack of a unity platform. Some people rubbished other movements and say, they are in the minority, they have nothing on ground zero. Some say ground zero does not recognise them, etc. so the IG should just go ahead. WE ARE WRONG. It is not a popularity contest.

I have said these things in some of my Facebook shows, that no matter how popular the IG is, she cannot do it alone. No matter how much ground support the IG gets, she cannot do it alone. Because these other movements most people call as minority with no support matters a lot. We have seen how one or two of their actions can cause an entire week and sometimes a month, to be centered about debates on their actions etc, and that is what the international community sees.

I have told our people to be watchful that the international community does not see this popularity of the IG. They do not see the vast support of the IG because we have no statistics or measure to tell them or show them that the IG is the lead so they do not care. These are truths. What the International Community sees is a genuine revolution that can succeed, but with many groups and leaders. It is only you and I as well as Ambalanders know that the IG is popular which is the truth. It is only us that know that the IG is listened to by the vast majority of Ambazonians and they are indeed in charge. The world doesn’t see that so we are condemned to engage these other groups and IG to collaborate. Recognition is not forced. Recognition is dialogue, Recognition is a compromised, it comes with terms and understanding. This is what our people must do.

Let everyone out there continue to push these leaders to do the talking behind the scenes, disagree and argue behind the scenes and find a compromise between the Canada and Washington conferences, come to the public and tell us. OUR LEADERS OWE US THIS.
As activists, most especially, let us mind our language, our tone towards every movements, leaders, etc. We must push these leaders to talk amongst themselves with all respect, dignity and humility. We must learn to be an activist for the revolution, for AMBA and not an Activist for IG, AGC, Groups etc.

I am called Mark Bareta.

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