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Bafoussam Calls 3 Days Weekly Ghost Towns For Federation



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People from the Western Province of La Republique has joined the struggle in support of the people of Southern Cameroons. Though in their demands, they stand for a 10 state federation, we of BaretaNews thinks that this is a no go area. The Southern Cameroons is a sovereign state and only a restoration of their lost state will bring this matter to rest. However, any actions that get closer to sending Biya out is welcome. Below is a translated version of the text circulating in Bafoussam which appeared in the photo as well as reported by Equinox Tv.

“We the people of Grass field area support the Anglophone crisis and we, therefore, demand the application of the 1996 constitution notably the putting in place of the Constitutional and Regional councils. We, therefore, demand the implementation of decentralization or a ten (10) state federation. We also want to ask all investigative journalists, the civil society, all civil rights activists, human rights activists, consumer opinion leaders to support a sovereign people to kick out the dictatorial regime “dans la souce” in 2018. We also demand that all those arrested and detained in Yaounde be released. GIVE BACK OUR INTERNET.

We are calling on all that, beginning Monday April 3, 2017-GENERAL STRIKE for three days from now on, every week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Ghost towns. No crowd or gathering in front of the market. Stay home, market closed. Places will be open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. By sealing/Closing our shops, they have certainly declared War and this is our response. People of this region lets wakeup as one people, as dynamic traders and say No to this anarchy..”

It should be recalled that as reported by Equinox, the Ghost towns in Bafoussam started this week effectively. However, it is yet to be seen how far the people from the West Region can go.

BaretaNews will keep you posted.

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