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Biya Sends Sea of Ministers Abroad to Woe Foreign Governments








Gov’t Dispatches High Level Delegations on Lies-Telling, Manipulation Mission Abroad

Information has reached us that the government of La République du Cameroun has dispatched three delegations of three top state officials each to some African and Western capitals on a lies-telling and manipulation campaign about the Southern Cameroons independence restoration struggle.

The revelation from the Presidency of the Republic indicates that the delegations left Yaounde on Thursday the 27th of July 2017 and will be in Abuja- Nigeria, Pretoria- South Africa, New York- United States of America, Ottawa- Canada, Paris- France, London- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Brussels in Belgium.

While the Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Office, Prof. Mingo Paul Ghogomu, Prof. Fabien Nkot, Technical Adviser at the Prime Minister’s Office and Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, former Minister of Forestry and Wildlife and Coordinator of the CPDM Academy are on their way to Paris, New York and Ottawa, Justice Minister, Laurent Esso, Tanyi Tiku and others are heading to the other countries.

Their mission, according to information received, is mainly to dish out lies and set confusion in the minds of the authorities of these countries against the genuine struggle of our people for self-determination through the restoration of our independence and manipulate our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora by giving the impression that the whole Southern Cameroons Question is about complaints raised by “some teachers” and “some lawyers” in the two English speaking North West and South West regions.

Let it be known to all, that by attempting to reduce the myriad problems faced by Southern Cameroonians right from the 1960s in this unholy union with La République du Cameroun to ONLY problems presented by teachers and lawyers in 2016, President Paul Biya and his government are still exhibiting bad faith, dishonesty and a determination to push ahead with their evil agenda of perpetuating the exploitation, torture, slavery and servitude our people have undergone for some 57 years and counting.

Worse still, it is no secret to anyone that even the most prominent complaints raised by the said lawyers and teachers have never been addressed; Francophone magistrates are still in our courts, the universities of Buea and Bamenda are still flooded by Francophone lecturers, our leaders and other rights activists abducted and detained abusively under inhumane conditions in La République du Cameroun are yet to be released despite sustained calls to that effect by the African Union, the United Nations and several other international organizations and the list is long.

It would be a step in the right direction if our fellow brothers and sisters in these countries go out in huge numbers and make nonsense of the plans being cast by these messengers of doom.

The struggle continues,


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