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2018 in the Cameroons: NO ELECTION, SCYL DECLARES



Some Anglophone Cameroonians (If I may use this) have declared their intentions either to run for Parliament, the Executive and or support one candidate or the other. The following comes to mind. Dr Nfor N Susungi declared as far back as April 2015 to run for the top job under the banner of UNIKAM-a party geared in changing the present system to a more decentralised Republic of Kameroon. Then, Prince Ekosso comes in under USDP, he has also declared to run for the Presidency-he wants a more socialist state and he is focusing more on dual nationalism amongst others. Walter Onekon Angwere , SDF militant moved on to break ties with Fru Ndi and calls on Joshua Osih, first Vice National President of SDF to represent the party in 2018. And just yesterday, Tata Kwawi has declared his intentions to run as a Parliamentarian under the banner of Bello Bouba UNDP. We are expecting more of such announcements in the near future.
However, these announcements do not go down well with Southern Cameroons movement seeking an independent Southern Cameroons. Ayaba Cho Lucas Scyl, spokesman of the Southern Cameroons Youth League-SCYL responded forcefully and in hard language to Tata Kwawi candidature. Hear him

” Fellow Ambazonians: Never again in your lifetime, should you follow the path of the CPDM that has robbed millions of their dignity. Never again should you offer your support to any candidate without the specific policy assurances that must be put in place to change your lives. Never again should you allow those whose personal interest dictates their political intuition and calculation to speak for you when you cannot. If the last 55 years of political usurpation has thought us any lesson, it is that of the illicit intercourse between self-seeking politicians and the brutal regime. Never again should you compromise the complete overthrow of the existing structures of repression for some temporal gradualism designed to recruit from amongst us the despondent, power seekers and survivalists. You must also evaluate the platform upon which individuals seek power within the institutions of the occupation.
What is the policy of that platform as far as the occupation of your country is concerned? What is the record of that platform in terms of its policies and stance on crucial issues that affect your life? My fellow compatriots, there will not be any 2018 in our country. If we are unable to stop the regime, we will take action on all of its collaborators and all those who have continued to put their personal agenda over the collective will of our people in the name of democracy. The parlance of democracy has been used by both the regime and the opposition to perpetuate its stay at the helm. As we have done before, we will continue to fight against these bigots on every social media and we will make it difficult for them to use our land as a platform to gain personal power in the house of our tormentors.
Thousands have used resistance as a profiling tool. That is why the resistance whether against the occupation or the autocracy has always been compromised by the personal desires of individuals to whom we entrusted our trust. What was the position of the UNDP when we bled on the streets to defend the peoples victory in 1992? What was its position when our compatriots were gunned down execution style in Buea? What is its position on the Common law system? What is its position when it comes to our educational system? It has always sided with the murderers of our people; the usurper of their victory and has always stood with continuity,impunity and corruption. As they prepare to use 2018 to continue to perpetuate the deception, manipulation and deprivation, you should count on our vigilance to stand for you even when we have no power.”

Should Anglophone Cameroonians (Southern Cameroonians) abandon everything that has to do with elections in Cameroon and join the movement for independence? Should Anglophone Cameroonians participate in the fraudulent electoral process and change things from inside? Is there no freedom of political belonging? Should Anglophone Cameroonians bury all differences and come under one political movement to challenge the status quo? What can be done?
God is still saying something.

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