Fierce Battle in Bui between Ambazonia and Cameroun Forces leave Casualties on Both Sides



Fierce Battle in Bui between Ambazonia and Cameroun Forces leave Casualties on Both Sides

In the last three days before Tuesday 10th September, fierce fighting in Bui County between the Restoration Forces unit, the ADF and the Cameroun military has left four ADF fighters and at least six Cameroun soldiers dead in back-to-back battles, BaretaNews has learned. Information on any other wounded Cameroun soldiers is still scanty at this time, ABNTv reports

BaretaNews is told the ADF has paid honor to the fallen heroes of the Ambazonian liberation struggle, and remains strong and high spirited in the County. One of its commander there has affirmed: “this is the price of freedom, and under no circumstance shall we terminate this cause. We fight not just for ourselves, but for the happiness of generations to come. Cameroon will know everyday that Ambazonians are valiant soldiers.”

As Paul Biya spoke to his country yesterday, there is credible information from intelligent sources that the Cameroun military is planning an upscale attack in Alabukam, Bamenda. For the past two months, Cameroon soldiers have attempted multiple times to set up a camp in this area in an attempt to dislodge what it believes is a strategic stronghold of the ADF, but have met fierce opposition from the ADF in each instance. Over three weeks ago, the Cameroon military brought in a “marabu” to “fortify” the spot they intend to establish a camp. While “marabu” was engaged in his incantations and libation pouring, the ADF unleashed bullets into the spot killing three Cameroon soldiers and forcing the “spiritual man” to flee for his live.

Cameroun has used military men in civilian attire to gather intelligence in the area, and an attack in Alabukam can occur at anytime. The leader of the ADF, Benedict Kuah, has said even in the face of this pending attack, the priority of his forces is the protection of civilians, especially women and children. He opted not to speak on any counter attack plans.

Ambazonians of all works of life are called upon to intensify financial contributions to fighters on the ground. As we near October 1, 2019, a date that marks 58 years since the independence of Southern Ambazonia (the erstwhile Southern Cameroons under British administration), our people must not relent their efforts in supporting the needs of our brave fighters who are fighting and giving their lives to protect the Ambazonia homeland. We must never forget that everyday they step out into battle may be their last day in Ambazonia. Our financial contributions cannot be commensurate to the risk they are bearing and their sacrifices.

Bertrand Baiye with filled reports from ABNtv News

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sunshine

    September 12, 2019 at 5:20 AM

    Like David the Shepherd Boy, Ambazonia shall prevail over french cameroun come rain or shine.

    Like David the Shepherd Boy in the Holy Scriptures, the ADF can not be bullied by biya’s forces. biya’s speech yesterday proved he is totally out of touch with whoever is head-boy of his well dressed army. Either he is naive or his head-boy is not telling him what is happening on the battle fields in Ambazonia. As wailing and mourning is being muted in east cameroun, many lrc families are in disarray hoping for an end of the war.

    Biya threatened military force again as though it’s a new thing during his recent speech, but this must be the last kicks of a dying horse since the war he declared three years ago with the understanding that Ambazonians will be crushed in two weeks, is still being fought today. biya must have miscalculated or the birs are not what he believes they are. biya is ashamed to be so terribly disappointed by the best trained fighting force in Central Africa (birs). Last night he spook like a leader standing in hot water. In the next weeks he will standing in boiling water because a political issue in Ambazonia cannot be solved with military force. biya declared a in pride which he will never win!

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