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Ekema Patrick Seeks Refuge In Yaounde As Ambazonia Hunts Him









Irksome Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Essunge, is presently seeking refuge from his slave masters in Yaounde, amidst huge manhunt on deviancy in Ambaland.

Since Saturday that news broke out that Ekema has been picked up by Ambazonia forces, the panicky espionage of the Camerounese regime, left Ambazonia land, and from the look of things, he will not return so soon.

Though he has been combing one media house to the other in La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), running his mouth, as though to show bravery, confidents of Ekema Patrick, told BaretaNews that the LRC slave is deeply beaten psychologically. He’s been telling his close aides that the way events are changing in Buea, he could be targeted and wasted at any time. Reason, why he bundled his family to Yaounde to seek refuge.

Talking to BaretaNews, some Buea denizens lamented why the rumour of Ekema Patrick’s arrest was not true. Many are of the opinion that Ekema has frustrated the maturity of the struggle in many ways, reason why, he should be arrested and dealt with.

“Ekema’s flippancy is overbearing. I wish he was arrested that Saturday. He needs to be taught a lesson. I have a very strong conviction that, this fool shall be taken anytime soon,” Julius Mbanya opined.

For now, Ekema Patrick lives a suspicious free life. However, as it is always said, justice can only be delayed, it can never be denied. Ekema will be cuffed soon.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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