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Mark Barata Calls For Support ln Ground Zero As Ambazonian Forces Unite



Mark Barata Calls For Support ln Ground Zero As Ambazonian Forces Unite

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonian activist, Mark Barata says the collaboration raining among liberation forces in ground zero must be backed by all leaders in the diaspora in other to keep the hopes of Independence alive.

In a statement on his official Twitter handle Wednesday, February 9, Mark Barata intimated that it is no longer time for activists to sit in the diaspora and spread lies, adding that, it was about time everyone rallied behind the forces on ground zero so as to accelerate pressure on the regime of occupation.

“We have to support and encourage the unity we see on the ground between Ambazonia Forces. These boys on the ground are not kids. They know better the realities and who is who,” he revealed.

Critics hold that growing disunity among frontline activists in the diaspora has had a negative effect on the fighters on the ground; a situation which French Cameroon has been exploiting to target and wreak havoc on the restoration fighters.

It is worth mentioning that, some of the finest Ambazonian commanders lost in the cause of war have been as a result of infighting among the different groups on the ground.

Mark Barata feels that there is a glimmer of hope as Ambazonian fighters are now gradually uniting to face the enemy.

It is against this backdrop that he is interested in all activists in the diaspora to shun division and provide financial back to the fighters.

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