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366 Days After Fake National Dailogue: French Cameroun Counts Failures




366 Days After Fake National Dailogue: French Cameroun Counts Failures

By Mbah Godlove.

One year after a window dressing National Dailogue convened to look into the ongoing Ambazonia War Of Independence, French Cameroun has came under heavy criticism as the Conflict deteriorates hour after hour.

On September 30 2019, French Cameroun hand clappers assembled in Yaounde to divert International attention under the pretext of seeking measures to address the long standing conflict in Southern Cameroons.

Exactly a year after the colonial convention, the Biya regime is being indicted for exacerbating instead of deescalating the crisis.

Unarmed Ambazonians have continued to toil in brunt of brutality meted out by colonial soldiers.

Extrajudicial killings, rape looting and razing of homes as well as villages have taken central stage.

Speaking at the ongoing UN General Assembly earlier this Wednesday, La Republic du Cameroun’s External Relations Minister paradoxically declared that the conflict was much under control.

Less than 24hours to Ambazonia’s Independence Day observed every October 1, Ambazonians are not giving up as they continue to press for their liberation.

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