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Gateway Into Fundong Open Days After Ndop



Gateway Into Fundong Open Days After Ndop.

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonia forces in Boyo County have allowed the movement of persons and goods in and out of Fundong for locals to have some relief.

For the first time in two months, vehicles were spotted entering the capital town of Boyo county, Sunday August 13.

Earlier in June this year, freedom fighters, in a bid to tighten security and face up the terrorist forces of the colonial regime of French Cameroun, officially shut down the gateway into Fundong from Bamenda.

The ban on the movement of persons and goods also ensured the population was safe from crossfire.

It is worth mentioning that the reopening of the Fundong stretch of road comes barely a week after Ndop was opened for similar reasons.

It is not clear how long the road shall remain passable, but many more of such grounding of movements are not impossible in the days and weeks ahead.

The population should remain vigilant and collaborate with the freedom fighters in case of any eventuality.

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