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Renewed Enthusiasm, Optimism As Ambazonians Observe 2020 Independence Day



Renewed Enthusiasm, Optimism As Ambazonians Observe
2020 Independence Day

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonians of all walks of life have expressed hope and determination to achieve total freedom as they observe the 59th edition of Independence Day.

October 1 has remained a historic date for Southern Cameroonians given that they gained independence from Britain on this day, nearly six decades ago.

Just as has been the case in the past three editions, Ambazonians used their independence day to Lampoon their exploitation, subjugation, and domination by La Republique du Cameroun.

The day was marked by march past in areas such as Momo, Bui, Mezam, Kupe, Lebialem, Donga, Ndian etc and the hoisting of the Ambazonian flag in major streets as a sign of patriotism and determination to oust the colonial regime of French Cameroun.

Major cities and towns were void of persons and vehicles as many a denizen reflected from home.

The international community has once again been taken aback by the lies told by French Cameroun about the ongoing war of independence which it claims is largely under control.

Ambazonians sent signals of their strong resolve to either die while fighting to achieve the restoration of their statehood.

In 2016, Southern Cameroonians called on the Biya regime to leave their territory as they declared their wish to form a breakaway country.

Fighting has continued throughout all thirteen counties of Ambazonia as the war for freedom deteriorates day after day.

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