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Discovering Of Two Corpses Spurs Fear In Below Foncha Population



Discovering Of Two Corpses Spurs Fear In Below Foncha Population

By Mbah Godlove

Residents of Below Foncha, a locality in Nkwen Bamenda 3 local government area have been in fear after the discovery of two lifeless bodies.

Earlier this Saturday, April 23, locals found 2 corpses in a small stream at Below Foncha.

The lifeless bodies of two men according to local media reports, still had fresh blood when they were noticed.

This is suggestive that the two men had just been killed and their corpses dumped in the stream shortly before some inhabitants of Below Foncha could discover.

The killers however remain unknown, but many fingers are pointing at the Cameroun colonial military who have often indulged in such activities.

It is worth mentioning that the population of Below Foncha lived in fear, wondering who might have killed the two men and what could happen to them in the next couple of seconds, minutes, or hours.

This is because they are afraid after seeing what French Cameroon soldiers have done to many an Ambazonian.

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