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Dictator Bya’s Presence In Washington:Time For Revigoration



Dictator Bya’s Presence In Washington:Time For Revigoration.

By Mbah Godlove.

If there’s that chance for southern Cameroonians to accelerate the flames of the revolution,then it should not be even in the near future but now .

Since the arrival of president Paul Bya in washinghton,the US capital city, December 12 ,he and his callaborators have been shivering.

This is owing to the mobilisation from Ambazonians residing in the US .

The general call especially to those in ground zero is to intensify fire so as to prove to the international community that independence today or resistance for ever.

All sons and daughters of southern Cameroons are entreated not to ask what Ambazonian has done to them but to reflect on what they have and what they are yet to do to liberate home land from colonial role.

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