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Kumbo Population Attend Chrism Mass In Grieve, Pray For Unity Amongst Ambazonia Fighters



Kumbo Population Attend Chrism Mass In Grieve, Pray For Unity Amongst Ambazonia Fighters

By Mbah Godlove

Catholic Christians in the Diocese of Kumbo have attended the 2022 Chrism Mass in anguish as they continue to decry infighting among Restoration Forces.

The people are yet to come to terms with the recent infighting which resulted in the death of their brave General, Isubu.

The disturbing news among the people is that their Commander did not die on the battlefield against French Cameroun’s soldiers, but in the hands of his fellow colleagues. Reports suggested Insubu attacked another camp and in self-defense, he was neutralised.

It is worth mentioning that the people of Kumbo have not been in support of the growing rivalry between forces loyal to FM No Pity and those under the late General Isubu.

This explains why some Christians used this year’s Chrism Mass which took place at the Kumbo Cathedral on Wednesday, April 13 to pray for unity among Ambazonian Fighters.

Chrism Mass is an annual Pontifical eucharistique celebration bringing together a Bishop, Priests and Christians from across all parishes.

The event this year in Kumbo did not witness the usual fanfare and camaraderie that graced the previous years, owing to the security situation.

It is hoped that Ambazonians Fighters reunite and tighten the knots to fast tract their struggle for independence.

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