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Bamenda Bikers’ Union Promise Hell To French Cameroun



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Bamenda Bikers’ Union Promise Hell To French Cameroun

By Mbah Godlove.

Hundreds of bike riders in Bamenda, are mobilizing to retaliate what they term slavery from the Biya led administration months after a ban on the circulation of bikes in the city.

It has been exactly seven months since commercial bikers in Bamenda were slammed an indefinite ban.

This colonial decision, many a bike rider says it is making it difficult to sustain their families amidst the ongoing Ambazonian war of Independence.

Speaking to BaretaNews on phone moments ago, the president of a Bamenda based Union of bike riders, name withheld for professional reasons revealed that they are planning to hit back at the French Cameroon regime for punishing them in the home land.

He revealed that hundreds of them have recently enrolled into the Ambazonian Army and that they are going to strike not long from now. Hear him.

“I can confidently tell you that French Cameroun will reverse this decision against is soon. We have had the necessary training and they will hear from us very soon”.

Hundreds of bike riders who were bread winners in their families months ago are now jobless.

They say they are tired sitting at home hungry and that they better die fighting for the liberation of Ambazonia than die of hunger at home.

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