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Colonial Forces Raze Village In Lebialem County




Colonial Forces Raze Village In Lebialem County

By Mbah Godlove.

Forces loyal to the colonial regime of French Cameroun have razed a village in Fontem, Lebialem County, a source has said.

Local media reported that the elements of occupation stormed a locality known as Quibeku, burning to ashes everything considered useful thing including livestock and houses.

“I can see flames emanating from Quibeku. Military men visited the area just minutes ago,” a source said.

Frustrated at their failed attempts to control the Lebialem County in the last three years, the Biya regime forces decided to put on fire entire villages in the area.

It is worth mentioning that clashes between restoration fighters and the alien soldiers have been recurrent with the latter recording lamentable casualties.

Fontem is almost void of ordinary civilians as many locals have been forced to flee to safer areas owing to unending tension.

Colonial administrators, as well as some traditional rulers who expressly sided with the regime of occupation are also said to have fled Lebialem which is largely control by the Red Dragons of no nonsense commander, General Field Marshal.

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