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Ground Zero Defense Council Condemns Muyuka Murder, Calls International Community To Intervene, Invoke Justice To All




Forces under the Ground Zero Defense Council have also reacted. While denying any responsibility for such a gruesome murder, just like AMF, GZDC condemned the action and said no unit under their platform carried such act. They accused sponsored militia groups whose job is to disguise as separatist fighters and cause harm to the conduct of the revolution. GZDC went further to say the international community must now intervene, bring war to an end as well as ensuring that all perpetrators on both sides be brought to justice so that they can pay for their crimes. Below is the full communique


Self Defense Forces under the platform of the Ambazonia Ground Zero Defense Council have taken cognizance of a certain horrific video published on social media yesterday the 11th of August, 2020 whereby a certain lady was seen beaten with a machete and the neck was brutally slaughtered by unknown individuals portraying to be forces loyal to Ambazonia .

  • Mindful of the fact that such brutal murder was first committed in 2017 by the Cameroon military whereby Sam Soya and cousin was murdered in same way in Bamenda, not excluding others evidenced
  • Mindful of the fact that Cameroon Military have militia groups disguising as forces fighting for the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons in a bit to identify sympathizers and later kill them as they’ve been doing all along
  • Mindful of the fact that the Cameroon military has been seen on videos and photos disguising as Ambazonia fighters committing such acts so as to give a bad name to Ambazonia fighters in a bid to gain international sympathy
  • Mindful of the fact that the Cameroon military disguises as Ambazonia fighters commit such acts not excluding stealing, extortion and torturing civilians in our locality so as to turn the inhabitants away from the fighters
  • Mindful of the fact that no unit under the Ambazonia Defence nor Restoration forces have claimed responsibility of such act
  • Mindful of the fact that the perpetrators of that act have not yet been identified as forces loyal to any unit belonging to the Ambazonia self defence
  • Mindful of the fact that even civilians with the aim of settling scores are carrying out such acts and others for personal motives

We can confidently state that the perpetrators of that act are proxy members of the Cameroon military who have created multiple defence units under the banner of Atanga Nji Paul to pose as Ambazonia fighters to suit their objectives.

However, we condemn such acts in extraordinarily strong terms and we will use all resources to fish out the culprits. We therefore urge the International Community who has every tool at its disposal to end this senseless war which has been going on for close to four years, and that has already claimed the lives of more than 13,000 Southern Cameroonians and let all the perpetrators on both sides be brought to justice so that they pay for their crimes.


Short live the Revolution,

Long live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.


Secretary General Spokesman

General Game Changer General Popo

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