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Mark Bareta Debunks Allegations Of Attempted Arrest By Belgian Police



Mark Bareta Debunks Allegations Of Attempted Arrest By Belgian Police

By Mbah God

Following rumors that the Belgian police have attempted to arrest Mark Bareta, the firebrand Ambazonian independentist has strongly refuted the claims.

At the start of this week, information circulated on social media that the CEO of BaretaNews was a fugitive in the UK.

The Ambazonian firebrand activist took to his Twitter handle refuting the rumors.

He wrote: “I saw information purportedly stating that I escaped to the UK after the Belgian police attempted arresting me. I am told the Belgian Ambassador said so to #Cameroun External Relations Minister,” he added.

Mr. Bareta revealed the information was “100% false/fake.”

He warned he was going to sue the Belgian Ambassador, should such a defamatory statement had originated from him.

It remains unclear why this fabricated story about Bareta has been making rounds on the new media.

Political analysts hold the view that it was aimed at diverting public attention.

It is worth remembering that this occurred when public attention was on the US Visa restrictions as well as on Muea as Ambazonian Restoration Fighters confronted with French Cameroun’s soldier, recorded huge human and material loss.

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