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Ambazonia War Of Independence: Colonial Regime Shoots Itself in The Leg



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Ambazonian War Of Independence: Colonial Regime Shoots Itself in The Leg

By Mbah Godlove.

French Cameroun has suffered severe economic damage following a recent military decision that technically imposed a state of emergency in Bamenda, capital of the Northern Zone.

A communiqué signed recently by some military commanders revealed that an operation would be carried out by colonial defense forces to secure civilians and their property.

Less than 48hours after the order, the economy of the occupational regime is bleeding owing to the grounding of some commercial activities in the city.

The regime has been unable to collect taxes from major traveler agencies because vehicles have not been able to leave or enter in the past days.

Businesspersons have equally been unable to make informed decisions owing to the state of uncertainty in Bamenda.

Some business owners simply took a holiday as the drama between Ambazonian fighters and colonial forces intensifies.

The lamentable economic constituencies of shutting down Bamenda is said to have badly affected the Biya regime.

Pro-independence fighters however remain confident as they face up the unruly soldiers of French Cameroun at this crucial stage of the people’s revolution.

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