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Buea Taxi Drivers Express Disdain Over Harassment From Colonial administration



Buea Taxi Drivers Express Disdain Over Harassment From Colonial administration

By Mbah Godlove.

Township drivers in Buea, Capital of the Southern Zone have out rightly lampooned a move taken by the colonial administration to forcefully identify all commercial taxis.

Earlier on Friday September 11 2020, the colonial Divisional officer, Abba Abdul Rahman, flanged by heavily armed security agents went round cracking down on commercial taxi drivers in the town.

Areas targeted included amongst others, O.I.C Market, Check Point and Mile 17.

Some drivers told BN that they are being forced to purchase uniforms and to label their doors so that Ambazonian fighters would not use the vehicles to wreck havoc in Buea.

“Their harassment is too much. They are transferring aggression on us instead of facing the Amba boys,” a driver decried.

During the crack down, drivers who did not fulfil the required conditions were compelled to stop work for the day while they were threatened that they will lose their vehicles If they fail to comply in the days ahead.

Friday’s attack on commercial taxi drivers comes barely a week after restoration fighters were seen chasing French Cameroun forces at the Buea-Muea market

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