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Colonial Buea Council Administration in Chaos as Ekema Patrick Leaves lamentable Financial Scars.



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Colonial Buea Council Administration in Chaos as Ekema Patrick Leaves lamentable Financial Scars.

By Mbah Godlove.

The Colonial Mayor of Buea, David Namange says his administration has inherited over 1 Billion cfa as debt from the former government.

During a press conference at the esplanade of the Buea Council Friday July 24, the Colonial enabler decried the economic damage hovering over the municipality following the unruly and horrendous activities of deceased Colonial slave mayor Ekema Patrick Essunge who quit the the stage in November 2019.

David Namange told the press that he would have to pay over 1.2 billion cfa , money which the late anti Ambazonia leader had used to finance the continuous enslavement of Ambazonians by the Colonial regime.

Between 2016 and 2019, the controversial Ekema Patrick vowed to demolish every move taken by pro- independence fighters to deliver freedom to disgruntled Southern Cameroonians.

Among other failed strategies, the procurement of 20 township taxes to counter ghost town operations, the establishment of a Militia and imposition of force on locals to defy Ambazonian laws.

After an unsuccessful operation, Ekema Patrick died at the age of 45, leaving the sum of 250, 000 cfa in the council coffers according to his successor.

Friday’s press conference, many Buea denizens have said, is proof of the council’s unceasing aptitude to extort money from struggling Ambazonians.

They said the mayor and his cabal have resorted to repay the 1.2 billion debt by sealing their shops on Ghost Town days.

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