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Cameroun General Meka says Amba fighters fully offensive



General Meka says Amba fighters fully offensive

French Cameroun army chief General Rene Meka has reportedly told a national security forum in Yaoundé that the Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces were developing a fully offensive mode that will eventually enhance their tactical and operational performance.

General Meka who traveled to Buea and Bamenda recently has been quoted as saying that the regime in Yaounde should seek a different approach towards ending the war in Southern Cameroons. We gathered from a well-placed source that General Meka suggested an increase in French Cameroun military operations in Ambazonia rural areas.

With age telling on him, the French Cameroun army chief remains committed to a military solution to the crisis and he revealed on state radio and television that he plans to stage an all-out and multi-layer strikes against Ambazonia Self Defense positions in Bui, Menchum, Manyu, and Lebialem including Kupe Munenguba.

State television aired images showing Rene Meka’s visit to Southern Cameroons.

By Rita Akana

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  1. Sunshine

    August 2, 2020 at 9:46 PM

    BIR, the weak elite militia of french cameroun brings shame and disgrace to biya.

    The finest of biya’s french cameroun forces are being seriously challenged in Ambazonia these days. The Amba Boys and Girls, with little or no training are doing everything to lure in the Israeli-trained thugs, the so-called (bir) to neutralize them – many lying 6ft under now. If they were well trained as we have been deceived over the years by Israeli-trainers, why is it taking them 4 years to do what biya commanded them to do and get out in 2 weeks. The disgrace biya is getting in Ambazonia is forcing him rethink his strategy or finally withdraw and go into insanity if he is still alive. biya will be remembered as the despot who reduced french cameroun into a refuse pit. the despot will be thought of in Ambazonia as the prideful foolish king who stole from the poor anand weak in order to killed them off… Ambazonians. Ambazonians must buy Amba Bonds and support the WAR DRAFT.

  2. Felix Bongjoh

    August 2, 2020 at 9:50 PM

    This should not flatter Ambazonian war heroes and brave fighters the least. It should not inflate the brave freedom fighters into any complacent mood or lax mode of fighting against a cunning enemy, using every tactic possible to outmaneuver the opponent when no more orthodox options are available. Brave young men and women, fight on until Ambazonia raises its flag in Buea – in much the same way as Eritrea did in Asmara. We are drawing closer and closer to the finish line and more contributions should be made to ADF’s TTOF for more guns and bullets, the only language Mr. Paul Biya understands.

  3. Mukong

    August 3, 2020 at 2:30 AM

    One thing that concern Ambazonizns in the diaspora need to do right now is to encourage the Amba fighters to limit offensive tactics for now. Their movements should be highly classified to avoid unnecessary casualties from the lrp thugs. Information shows that some of the camps have been compromised by infiltrators. It is not just that thieving pastors have embezzled funds that by now should have made a big difference in this restoration effort, but they are also using their cunning ways to not only instigate fighters to kill each other but they are now resorting to use some uncommitted fighters to gather information that is transmitted to the terrorist thugs from lrp.
    Please if this headman of the lrp scavengers is saying they have to recalibrate their fighting tactics in Ambazonia, then we should pay very serious attention to that. We should not forget that we are dealing with diabolic elements who will stop at nothing to appease the french leeches.

  4. ebong njume isaaco

    August 3, 2020 at 10:14 AM

    Only God knows

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