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Oku Colonial Administration Faces Backlash for Provoking Ambazonian Population



Oku Colonial Administration Faces Backlash for Provoking Ambazonian Population

By Mbah Godlove

The Divisional Officer (DO) of Oku Local Government Area (LGA) in Bui County, along with his associates, is currently under scrutiny for testing the resolve of the local population on a traditional Monday ghost town day. Earlier this week, the Oku regime administration summoned business operators for an ostensibly urgent security meeting scheduled for Monday.

Confident in the efficacy of the ghost town observances, the locals defied the invitation, choosing instead to stay home and offer prayers for freedom fighters who persistently risk their lives for the cause of independence. While the agenda of the meeting with the colonial DO remained undisclosed, suspicions arose that it aimed to pressure locals into operating businesses on Mondays as an act of disobedience against freedom fighters.

In a display of resilience, the community collectively rejected the DO’s call, leading to an alleged extortion of 2 thousand francs from each business operator who, in a demonstration of patriotism, chose to pay the sum rather than disrespect the freedom fighters.

The DO and his close aides are now under intense scrutiny, facing accusations akin to colonial soldiers for exploiting the Ambazonian conflict as a means of generating revenue. This incident is not the first time the administrator has been accused of extorting money from ordinary citizens grappling with the hardships brought about by the prolonged conflict, now approaching seven years.

Sources within the highest command of restoration forces in Bui have acknowledged the DO’s actions and hinted at ongoing measures for retaliation in response to what they perceive as an abuse of power for financial gain. The situation underscores the growing tension between the local population and the colonial administration, with potential repercussions on the already volatile dynamics in the region.



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