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Abducted Fon Of Nso Entreats Colleagues To Work With Their People, Not Colonial Officials



Abducted Fon Of Nso Entreats Colleagues To Work With Their People, Not Colonial Officials

By Mbah Godlove

The paramount traditional ruler of Nso has called on Fons and Chiefs to work with their people to ensure peace is returned in the Northern and Southern Zones of Ambazonia.

Fon Sehm Mbinglo II made the clarion call in a seven-minute eight seconds video interview with Ambazonian restoration fighters in Baba, Babessi Local Government Area, Ngoketunjia County of Ambazonia’s Northern Zone, where he was taken alongside the Archbishop Emeritus of Douala, Cardinal Christian Tumi, for interrogations.

“Now that you are here, the only thing that is going to happen here now is that justice is going to take its course. So, after your justice, what is your advice to other fons in Ambazonia, and chiefs?” the restoration fighters enquired.

Fon Mbinglo II responded that he “will only advise them to work together with their people.”

He refused that collaborating with French Cameroun’s colonial agents through elections, for instance, could restore peace in Ambazonia.

Being a candidate for French Cameroun’s regional elections in Ambazonia, His Royal Majesty Sehm Mbinglo II said he was not… (probably consulted) when the electoral list was being made. He said he only heard that his name was on the list.

The freedom fighters in the recent video also sampled the traditional ruler’s opinion on the status quo of the educational system in Ambazonia where students and teachers are on rampant attacks.

He said he would advise that schools should wait first for peace to return so as to enable effective functioning.

It remains unclear if Fon Mbinglo II will be welcomed by the Nso people when released as he maintains a “One Cameroon” political stance, whereas his people advocate for the restoration of the statehood of Ambazonia.

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